John 14:21  He that loveth me (Jesus), also will the Father love, and I will love him and manifest to him
Heb 11:6  He that cometh to God must believe that He is, and He is a rewarder of them that dilligently seek Him
I John 5:14,15  The confidence that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us
I Thess 5:18  In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you
Mark 10:27  With men it is impossible; with God all things are possible
Ex 34:14  Thou shall worship no other god
Rom 13:1,2  For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained by God
Eph 2:8-10  Saved by grace; not of works, lest any man should boast
Deut 5:4  God does talk to man and He liveth
Ex 3:4  Moses heard God’s voice
Ps 116:1,2  He heard my voice, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live
Is 65:24  It shall come to pass, before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear
Ps 107:31  Praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men
Selected Miracles from “ ‘The Millennium Gift’”

There is One God, and He is alive!  I am of the fold of Jesus in whom God shares the physical body (of His Son).Thank You Lord for the New Covenant, and may this which you have given “for my miracle work”, reflect your power and glory!

God works here; come on in!

This detective minded child in 1950 (now Major Marvels) envisioned a faith building miracle evidence ministry.  (God did it) God hadn’t gifted someone “like a real Captain Marvel with genie-like true miracle stories”.  (God did it) In my understanding then of “God talks to everyone”, I began planning “for my turn”.  I suggested something special start through some person’s life to honor Jesus on His 2000thbirthday.  God did it!  I asked God for a conversation with Gabriel in planning ‘Jesus’ surprise’.  God did it!  “We are the ones receivingJesus’ surprise” via comprehensive miracles with one person’s life.


Major Marvels (4M) Miracle Ministry is of miraculously minimal expense, so I do not solicit for its cost. –Major Marvels (a.k.a. –Glenn) “Father in Heaven, make this a John3:16 bridge for the isle of John 10:16, contributing awakening in Jesus’ name!”



(These miracle studies are easiest first read as entertainment)

Turning 7 years old in 1947, I walked a dusty road to the church-house with Mother where she called the preacher outside to ask a deciding question.  In answer, Preacher Kale held his big black Bible out and pointed to a page.  He then looked over his glasses,saying, “If I’m interpreting this right.

At that moment I was given my first vision and its interpretation (by The Spirit) was instantly made known in my spirit.  A golden key appeared, floating above, symbolically turning and unlocking my mind.

On that day I fully realized many interpretations must be made from The Bible.  I began to wonder if God might someday give more tips to Bible theory.  Already, The Spirit was subtly guiding my thoughts in old sermons of “Don’t follow the crowd”.

Searching for my niche in service to The Lord, I suspected if asked, God would give knowledge for His glory even on historical notes that my schoolteachers said was sometimes inconclusive.  After all, God had made those people of history.

I was convinced answers would be useful, and God would get glory in all His miraculous information.  God would gift and guide in my life to that purpose!Thank you Father. 

(God knew this mind of Spirit before I came into a body-and-soul.  In 3 more years there would be the special prayer conversations and I would defer an offered healing ministry and continued talks, opting for an unveiling perspective in recounting miracles of God, -and with this, there would be 40 years out of church.)

Mark 9:23  All things are possible to him that believeth

John 14:12  He that believeth on Me, the works that I do, shall he do also, and great works, for I go unto My Father

The marvels begin to show answers and logic.  


(This story copied from ‘Preview the book’)   (We moved to the city in 1947.)               Two weeks of miracles during prayers would be just a few weeks away when these manifestations happened.  Two angelic encounters in the spring of 1950, shortly before my 10th birthday, were near the last to be recalled as I began to write the book.

My grandmother, whom I always addressed as Grandma, lived with us much of the time to watch over me while Mother worked.  Every second weekend Mother insisted that I go along on her shopping trips, initially traveling on the last* of the city’s electric streetcars and thereafter by bus to shop downtown.  (*Chattanooga Days Special in 1947, and maintenance runs allowing inbound riders.)

Other than the variety stores that were then called ‘5 & 10-cent stores’, and the department stores, there were three dress shops where Mother spent much of our time.  I was always exhausted by the time we circled the usual shopping area and reached the last shop.  Some things would happen on our last two trips that played in my favor; in that these would be the last times that I would have to tag along on the dreaded trips.

Mother had worked at a large hosiery mill before she and Dad married, and knew some of the women whom she saw while shopping.  On the previous trip, as we were at our last stop, two women appeared to us as entering the dress shop together and also seemed to be shopping together across the table.  Mother had spoken to one of the women at other times.

As I watched the lady that Mother did not know, it looked to me as if she pulled an item from under the others without causing the ones on top to move.  This looked like a magic trick to me and I found the lady interesting. The lady then held the item as if she was showing it to the woman that came in at the same time she did.

An influence was being made in the woman’s spirit and with a pensive expression; the woman glanced toward the item being held.  With seeming acknowledgement on the woman’s face, it appeared obvious to Mother and me that they were together.  God is unlimited in His ways and “a representative of” The Holy Ghost was at work in a seemingly unique way.

Mother said something to the woman she knew and had spoken to before, about finally getting her sister out of the house and bringing her shopping this time.  The woman was slightly surprised at what Mother said and answered, “Yes. But she’s not with me.  She’s shopping at the other end (of town).”  This made me again notice the lady that appeared to be with her, now intensely looking at the goods on the table.  For now “the lady” wanted to be ignored and have nothing more said about her.

Two weeks later we were back and shopping again.  We circled the same downtown area and were again at the last shop.  The woman that Mother had talked to on our last trip came in again and went to the same place across the table.

The next time I looked up, the same lady that was with her the last time, came rushing to the table as if needing to hurriedly pick a scarf to match her attire.  I had never before seen such a richly dressed lady.  She seemed to be on her way to a very special occasion!   I thought she must have picked only the very best from each shop in the exclusive back section of the stores where I wasn’t allowed to go.

Our eyes met and she zealously stepped to the end of the table and bent toward me clutching her white gloves.   As I watched the finger sheaths flailing from atop her fist, she pointed her finger at me and declared of “a great work” I would someday do for The Lord.

I had not planned to use that word “great” in telling this story, but fifty-three years later and shortly before my work of this book was ready, I would hear those prophetic words again.  This time I would be told even more through an anointed pastor, whom I didn’t know, as he repeated the words given to him by The Holy Ghost. God’s time is not our time.  (There is a broad time of affect-to-effect noticeable in some of the marvels.)

At this fervent action from the lady, I figured it was just an attempt to cheer me up from apparently a preacher’s young wife who was really into her church and religion.  I thought to myself, “Yeah, Sure” at the idea that I could ever do anything for The Lord.  I quietly tugged at Mother’s dress and asked who the lady was.  Mother then looked.

On this day, the lady was not manifested for Mother, but to me only, and Mother wasn’t very happy with me in this situation.  As “the lady” started fading from my sight, she stood compassionately watching as I shook my head (at her) and dropped my eyes to the floor, trying to find a way to categorize this situation in my mind.  The woman that Mother knew quickly headed out the door while giving one last exasperated look.

((Soon on the bus home, Mother finally listened to my story and seemed to have some understanding when I reminded her of the previous time when she had seen the lady.  God had been working in my life before I recognized it.  Years later, I would come to know “the lady” (pre-designated by Our Lord) as one of my “guardian angels” and her choices of clothing would always be expressive of something about my life.))


(The stories hub from two weeks of unusual and very special prayer sessions with conversations and more in June 1950. God, who walks amongst us, could have influenced my offered will in any way at any time and that was certainly done. This site relates ‘my observation’ as Earth being ‘like a book with pages of dimensions.’) 


(May 1950, before the June prayer conversations:) We waited for 10 days after my 10th birthday party and the picture had not been published.  Mother went to the newspaper office to inquire why.  The photographers said they had tried everything they knew “to clean up the picture”, but other images wouldn’t come out.  Mother insisted it be published anyway and it was in one of the daily newspapers special birthday pages four days later on May 21, 1950.


Two adults were ghostly transparent in the picture with us, posing as if in separate portraits from many years earlier.  ‘The lady’ wore a high-top hat simulating a known painting of her.  Just as I suspected when I had seen the painting, the hat was not really so tall.  ‘The man’ (Gabriel, without his wings manifested) posed with his hand on a (leaning) trumpet, like a very dignified gentleman posing in the early days of photography.


In one of the special prayer conversations, in June, I still remember thinking back to “the strange picture that was published three weeks earlier”.  Unaware THAT WAS a picture of my guardian angels, I asked for a picture of them.  God was so far ahead of me on this, that it was long after the picture was lost in a flood that I realized He had already given the picture of my two guardian angels, the Arch-Angel Gabriel, and ‘the lady’, Rebecca (Pocahontas) Rolfe.

God gave us a more significant ‘photographic record’ than that, on Jesus’ shroud.  (The creation/shroud page has more on that.)




During one conversation in the 1950 prayers, I asked Gabriel if I could open my eyes and see what his wings looked like.  He gave approval.  I had only heard of fabulous Broadway stage shows, but instantly I felt like I was seeing the ultimate in what they could ever do.


The nearest I had seen of anything like this was a former Broadway actor with a fancy wardrobe for his wrestling show.  Gabriel partially opened his wings, like the wrestler holding open his long flowing robe, and slowly turned so I could see the “sparkles” from his wings and what I thought was stage lighting for the grandest of all theatrical productions.  I barely noticed his smiling face. (Further details are spread through the second death story.)




Gabriel said he would like to adopt me, and I asked him if he got to see Jesus often.  In the early 1940’s my relatives often gathered for picnics at Sunday get-togethers.  I was thrilled when Gabriel told me that he saw Jesus at “family get-togethers”.


I questioned him further on the adoption, as we would think of adoption in our world.  He asked how I thought that would be.  “Oh.  Yeah.” Was my answer, realizing he would not be visible if introduced to someone.


Not fully understanding that he would become my ‘guardian angel’, I took it as more of a complimentary adoption.  In the form of a question, he gave enlightenment (and later help, I’m sure) on other matters I would face.





Prov 8:17  Those that seek me early shall find me
Ps 150:2  Praise Him according to His mighty acts and His greatness

(1st visions with Jesus)  The first, 1950, view of Jesus when I was 10 years old appeared as if He, as I would later discover, was standing in the jr. high school gymnasium that I would attend in a couple of years.  This view is where I got a very (purposeful) close look at Jesus as He first looked at me before another scene in the same vision answering my question of, “Did God really give us The Bible?”


After watching Jesus as if through a window, and thinking He seemed to be looking in a mirror, I looked past Him at someone in school color gym clothes on the floor below.  I now know the significance of that.  By the grace of God as a teenager I would be saved from lasting and debilitating injuries occurring in gymnasiums.


It seems that after two weeks with a crushed larynx where this scene took place, a miraculous healing occurred, and a miraculous prevention of injury probably occurred a few years later in another gymnasium.  Thank you Jesus.



(1st visions with Jesus)  The only electronic communications that I knew much about in 1950 were telephone and radio, both with frequent static interference, and I associated this part of the vision with a bad (‘long-distance’) phone line.


(A man had refused to believe The Bible was from God and, when he (his body) was struck dead, he was running for protection in Jesus’ house) When Jesus lunged for the door (to close it), the vision looked to me to be incomplete.  I was seeing flashes of the background in the scene through (nail) holes in Jesus’ hand.  One hole flashed at His wrist.


(Marvel Acts of God here correlate to The Bible and shines Light on the Leonardo da Vinci code stories fraught with fraud, attacking the Christian faith.  Jesus’ return draws near.)


I found this puzzling (although possibly genetic):  The skin color between the toes and on top of the feet between the bones was much lighter than the raised area over the bone structure.  His sandals could not have caused that effect of light skin and dark skin.




(1st visions with Jesus) I thought facial moles might be the reason for two ½” patches of hair on His face.  I looked closely and saw no mole, such as the black one on my face at the time.  Some of those sparse hairs on Jesus’ face seemed up to 3 inches long.  One patch was at His cheek and the other was near the neck on the opposite side (probably His right side) of His face.


Perhaps it is another miracle that my mole was not a serious problem when it had to be removed two years later.  *Years later, I had not forgotten how to pray, and another serious looking growth dropped from my arm and the cavity quickly healed.  Pray for healings.  (*see ‘alien implant’ in notes of Creation page)




(1st visions with Jesus)    Be ready for His return!  The rolls of Jesus’ very white wooly hair swung as he lunged for the door.  It is eloquently described in The Bible.


There was absolutely no color to Jesus’ large eyes.  There was only the dark of the pupils and a lot of surrounding white.  With Jesus, that was not evidence to blindness.  In 1950, I had not seen many people from other parts of the world, so my first impression of Jesus was that of being an actor of mixed race.


(If I were an artist, I could paint a picture of Jesus, but one already exists from computer numbers taken from the Shroud of Turin, except for correct eye, hair, and skin colors.  The creation/shroud page has more on this.)




(2nd visions with Jesus)  There was more than one vision (scenes) given during each of the two miraculous visits with Jesus.  The first view here was the outside wall of the structure where The Lord was inside.


Gabriel called out, “Jesus!  I have Glenn here to see you.”  Jesus responded with a welcoming “Yes-yes!” and I could tell that He was rising to a standing position.  Gabriel told me, “He will be right out.”




(2nd visions with Jesus)  All along, God has given ‘tips, hints, and information’ that I wanted, and later (after I gave the testimony) I saw that He came through with this.  The example for the height of Jesus was before He exited the habitat.


After stooping to view me, Jesus stood inside the doorway for a moment, giving a comparison for His height.  As He paused, He straightened up as if taking in a deeper breath (also portraying the face on the Shroud and the mountainous Face Creation).  From my slightly lower view, His eyes were (level with and) visible to me at the very top of that characteristic (rectangular) open doorway where Gabriel pointed.


Jesus walked toward me and found somewhere to sit near the doorway (as I viewed the street scene), and Gabriel gave the reason we were there.  The course of my life was about to be set and God would send guidance through the years so that His miracles could be used for His glory.


During those early prayer conversations, I asked to twice step over the line of death and be able to come back and tell that we really do live when we die (and see if and how experiences might vary).  Where He looked at my rib and shoulders is where I felt pain before I died my second death 21 years later.

Mat 28:18  All power is given to Jesus in heaven and in earth
John 20:29  Because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed; blessed are they that hath not seen, and yet have believed


(2nd visions with Jesus)  God gave another vision (or scene) within the vision and there were parables to it.  As Jesus spoke the words “You can sell The Bible”, I became ‘in’ another vision to my right.

I heard a cheer go up from a great many people inside a coliseum across a modern street.  The timing was as if they were somehow watching and reacting to what was happening with Jesus and me (and even reacting at my ‘testing’ of the crowd response with positive and negative thoughts).  Some were louder than others and I wondered if those were my ancestors.


One trailing cheer was loudest of all.  That could have been my friend Tommy, who had died tragically at just 6 years old.  In two more years, at my first step across the line of death, I would meet Tommy again, five years after he died.


I found that I was now standing on a street corner, across the street from the coliseum (with automobiles of the time going by as if outside a large ballpark of our world, but like viewing ‘it’s other use’ behind an invisible curtain between our worlds).  There was a stack of Bibles on a vendor’s table that I was expected to sell.


I was curious about the celebration that was taking place in the coliseum where people were still entering with their Bibles.  I wanted to cross the street and observe the festivities, but Gabriel said, “You can cross over when you have finished selling The Bible.”  This seemed to be a Christian convention area, and many people on my side of the street already had a Bible.


A distinguished looking man walked up with an impressive large Bible, much nicer than the ones I had to sell.  He paused to give a look, as if to say, “Why are you trying to sell Bibles here?”  In the vision and again in life, there was the realization that I must find ‘other streets and avenues’ to sell The Bible.



(In the 1950 visions, I was shown a now common household computer with a brief explanation of its use.  I best understood that as a box in homes of the future that would do more in an instant than the exclusive stock exchange ticker-tape of the time.  Knowledge is accelerating in these days!  Read the Bible.)




Just a few months after the two-week series of special prayers in 1950, where I was given visions with Jesus and conversations with Gabriel, there was an event for youth in the basement of my Methodist church.  One mother arrived late and was placing groceries on the table near where I was standing alone, rehearsing a Bible verse.


I sensed that she looked my way, and then looked back at what she was doing.  She looked toward me again and asked, “Where did he go?”  I asked “Who?”  She said, “The man that was standing behind you.”  I told her that no man had been with us and she appeared shaken by that.


Undoubtedly, she confided in the other mothers about the apparition she had seen.  At last it was my turn.  As I slowly completed the recitation, I was surprised to receive the loudest applause of all.  I was reminded of that when I gave the “ghost story testimony” at church (in June) in the year 2000.  As I turned to leave the lectern, there was the same pattern of delayed, then sudden, applause just as I had heard in the church basement 50 years before.




In 1953, soldiers were coming home after the Korean War.  Robby and I were in his yard, doing maintenance on our rides.  Robby was trying to insert a pedal bolt into a badly stripped bicycle crank.  I was 20 feet away, oiling axles on a coaster-buggy.


A miracle was in progress and I reasoned that Robby had a 3rd and oldest brother that he hadn’t talked about because he didn’t want to ‘jinx him’ while away at war.  I was remembering nothing of the miracles and visions of three years before.  A man appeared that I thought resembled his older brother.  From what seemed as his path from the porch steps, the man wearing a white shirt and black pants, came bounding up behind Robby as he kept trying to force the bolt.


The man watched Robby’s effort for a moment, then looked over and gave me the biggest and most encouraging smile I had ever seen.  I liked the man immediately.  I watched as he leaned over Robby, ‘helping him’ send the bolt easily spinning through the threads of the stripped crank.


With that job done, the man stepped back and snapped his fingers, getting my full attention.  He pointed and looked skyward.  He was giving God credit for providing this miracle.  At the time, I thought he had a sudden idea of getting a tool from the house to use on the bicycle and I looked back at what I was doing.


From the corner of my eye, I saw the man go quickly toward the porch.  I thought I would watch this energetic ‘brother’ bound his way up the steps, but when I turned, he wasn’t to be seen.


Robby didn’t have a third brother and knew nothing of anyone being there and helping, but expressed surprise that the bolt could actually go into the stripped crank.  It did cross my mind, but having seen the problem, I wasn’t about to suggest we try it again.  We were perplexed with our linking mystery and looked everywhere, but ‘the man’ was not to be found.


The face of The Angel Gabriel, in the 1950 prayer conversations and visions, and the face of the man here were the same.  Through the years Gabriel changed in age appearance, always looking to be a fitting few years older than me.  On a snowy night many years later I would again see him when his wings were not manifested.



Job 12:10  In His hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all mankind


In 1957, the high school wrestling team had a losing season and our coach didn’t make the trip to the quickly arranged and unofficial championship meet.  Five of us chose to make the 100-mile trip.  Three of us caught a ride on the back of a tall but very short truck used to haul mobile homes.  The truck bed was just big enough to hold us –and our guardian angels!


Snow was falling as we neared our destination and the highway iced over.  The driver hit the brakes and spun off the road.  The truck tilted on two wheels at a most severe angle but came back down on all four wheels.  The truck’s side did not touch the ground and we were not thrown about.  One toolbox near me barely made a noise. As I turned my face toward the cab, I was only aware that something like a canvas blocked my side view for a moment, but the others in the truck said they saw an enormous hand holding the truck off its side and setting it gently down.




Thinking in error that I would be taking up too much of God’s time, I would ask in the special prayers that He allow my (lady) guardian angel to pick my future mate.  I also wanted to know ahead of time who that mate would be and of others that might be special in my life.


God knows everything from beginning to end.  He knew how my life would be, and that my two marriages would not endure, but liked the over-all plan for His glory.  With one “It will be done” given through Gabriel, He approved all that was covered in the special prayers and provided the miraculous information throughout my life.


While in high school, I was given separate visions of Nancy and Margie, whom I would later meet at times in life and marry.  Other revelations would be of people that I would meet at strategic times on the way to where God was expecting me to arrive with testimony of His miracles. From the time revelations were given, the time of meeting the people ranged from just a few years to more than 35 years.




In the early prayers, I asked to know miraculous things to tell my high school friends.  In high school several special things were given from On High, but by then I had forgotten why I would have the special knowledge.


God would give knowledge or a vision as the questions were asked (in high school), but He left some interpretation to me.  The revelations were always correct in their time, but sometimes disguised according to how much God chose to disclose for the time being.  On some occasions I interpreted the visions badly.  God showed man’s fallibility for His glory.


An example was a vision to the question, “Who will be in The White House in about 20 years?”  I had not seen the people before (Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter in the White House, and Walter Mondale defined as the vice president) and even they had not reached their ages shown in the vision.  My guess, of course (of who the people were), was incorrect.


The years rolled by and the key to interpreting the vision (and in the correct order) was seeing one of the candidate’s families on television as their candidacy was announced; then I had the complete answer of what would be.  A friend was surprised as I stuck with what I knew about this, each day from the announcement, through to the election.




People have remarked that God didn’t know about this-or-that or He would have warned us.  God knows everything!  Several years after high school, I talked to a former classmate and friend.  I recommended the miracle-containing Holy Bible in things we talked about and it was appreciated, but then I was asked ‘for a prediction’.  This may have been the last time I was given ‘the particular high school gift’.


As a surprise to both of us came ‘prophecy’ through The Holy Ghost, giving a very strong ‘knowing’ feeling.  I then described the specific deadly, slow to be detected disease.   (Like a guardian angel or representative of The Holy Ghost “literally stepped within me”, and allowed me to glean this knowledge into my mind, from theirs.  I saw this similarly done in other marvels.)


I then told that we would not begin hearing about it until five years from that time.  Five years later, the national news first reported a world traveler had contracted the strange disease (AIDS) that I described.  There was also a knowing from The Spirit that one person, not of sound mind and familiar with the (HIV) virus, made this happen.




In high school, I was given a vision of Nancy, whom I had not seen before but would marry in 1962.  Soon after we met, I saw her graduation picture.  It was the same picture that I was shown in the vision and it was not made until a few years after I saw it in the vision.


Just before Nancy was to go into surgery in the 1970’s, an early morning x-ray showed no trace of a threatening medical condition that was present on the day before.  She prayed and received a miraculous healing overnight.  Thank you, Jesus, for your healings.




In 1957 as a high school junior, a friend asked where I would be working as my main job in life.  God then gave a vision of a sign over a doorway, identifying only the work done there.  Where the company name should have been was like missing pieces of a puzzle.  It would be another eight years before a supervisor with that company, a Christian man whom I did not know, called and offered a job.  God works His miracles in many, many ways.


When I had been employed there for 20 years, I looked up and saw a new sign.  It was the same sign over the doorway that I had seen in the vision 28 years earlier, except now I saw the full company name where pieces of the puzzle had been missing.  God is great and unlimited.


In the special prayers of 1950, I had asked that God choose the perfect job for me in life; one that I would enjoy and retire from.  At least once, Gabriel would have to remind me of the stability of the job that God chose for me.  With my free will, I almost got off the path of God’s provision when I thought I could buy and operate a business in my spare time.  God works wondrous ways.


The Lord had first prepared me for that crossroad when I was 17 years old.  Years later He would give further special guidance that would make me realize the jeopardy to what He had given.  Thank you Lord!




In 1957, a high school friend asked what I thought our world would be like in the 1980’s.  I was then given the vision of a long line of cars at a gas station.


Before the energy crunch of the late 1970’s, I was going to buy a delivery company with two large trucks and very long routes that were run at night.  One cold night I went with a driver to chart one of the routes.  About 2:00a.m. we stopped at an owner-operated gas station before our return trip.


The public would not hear of a coming gas shortage for several months, but the attendant showed us an oil company newsletter telling of what was to be a gas shortage and higher prices in about six months.  From what we experienced on the way back, The night attendant had been “literally inspired” in the spirit, by The Holy Spirit, to show us the newsletter.


As we neared Chattanooga, snow was falling on Signal Mountain and about three inches were already on the road.  Traveling through miles of forest on the mountain, I was looking down with a flashlight, at what I had written.  Suddenly the driver hit the brakes.  I looked up and put my notes on the seat between us as we came to a ‘rolling stop’.


A man wearing no coat and appearing to have ice on his flannel shirt and in his whisker stubble was walking toward us in the center of the highway.  He wasn’t looking at the driver.  He was looking directly at me in the passenger seat, with a frozen expression of disbelief as if to say, “What do you think you are doing?”


The man stayed focused on me and was unconcerned as to how close our 5-ton truck was slowly rolling toward him.  He came so close in our lane that I wondered how he missed hitting the truck mirror, but the left side of his face actually did pass through the mirror.  As we eased by the man, he craned his neck and looked down at my note pad on the seat, and with the unchanged and puzzled look, he looked back at me.


After a moment, the now pale driver suddenly gasped, “He walked into the back of the truck.  He just walked into the back of the truck.” Immediately we wondered about the strange man and looked for his tracks to see how far he had walked in the road, but not one track was seen in the freshly fallen snow.


On my way home I remembered his roundish face resembled Gabriel’s when I had seen him in 1971 during my second death.  Arriving home, I slept 2 hours and then awoke abruptly, thinking of the vision of the gas shortage I had been given and knowing I had been twice warned. God’s chosen employment for me and my destiny were at risk.


Immediately I ceased plans to buy the company.  I did retire after 37 years on the job that God chose for me.  I thank The Lord for all He has done and for those protective warnings that He sent.


INVITED BY A GHOST (one of many representations of The Holy Ghost)


(This was in the mid-1970’s just before observing my guardian angel, a messenger and helper, as she served as the church’s emissary/envoy and celebrated there as the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit; as I would be told later)


While standing next to my wife at the kitchen counter, each of us were watching the work we were doing and unaware that (a representative of) The Holy Ghost was at work with us.  My wife did not actually know what would be happening on the night I would go to the church more than a couple of weeks away.


As if in normal conversation I heard straight from my wife’s mouth, and in her voice, that our children would be in a skit that night and “There is going to be someone there that knows you, doing something special.  They want you to be there.”  I asked whom it was that knew me and she was puzzled at my question and denied having said anything.  This seemed strange, and I was all the more determined to be there.  God works in varied and mysterious ways.




(This happened at the church ‘on that special night’.  The lady who is my ‘guardian-angel’ carried an antique Bible as she entered and took a seat 1 pew back across the isle.  Her dangling ‘familiar looking’ book markers got my attention and ‘we acknowledged each other’.   Her presence had begun to seem ‘odd’ and I had not yet realized that she might not be visible to everyone!  The next 17 stories are supplemental to the testimony.)


Something was happening here that, in the first moments, roused my spirit.  God was giving a clue.  As ‘the lady’ completed her move forward, almost totally through the wooden bench of the next pew, I watched by peripheral sight, and for the moment I felt like a Kindred Spirit with her.


At what seemed to be a deeper level of calm thinking, seemingly from The Spirit over-riding my spirit/mind, I recognized for the moment what was happening and decided to try something.  Silently, similar to praying with our mind concentrating in The Spirit, I gave this thought; “Your dress did not go through the pew.”  At only my thought, her head and shoulders snapped back as I continued to watch peripherally.


She kept an eye on me as she carefully reached three times to move all the dress through to the pew with her.  I then ‘received a thought’ so strong from this righteous lady that it made me flinch.  I didn’t know she was relating to ‘a thought and plan’ that I had during my adventurous second death just about three years earlier.


With her eyes locked on me, she was saying as she represented The Spirit, “If you were being invaded, would you just sit there and do nothing?”  That jolted me back to a more familiar spirit level; the way I was used to thinking in this world.  I had never stood to testify in church, and since I was not being ‘encouraged’ to testify (like others were that night), I wasn’t ready to stand and tell of something I was seeing and didn’t yet understand.




(The special night at church)  A woman (a church member) in front of The Lady would nod her head in agreement to what The Lady was saying (as The Lady ‘celebrated’ as The Holy Ghost/Spirit) and I kept expecting the woman to say something back to the lady.  From where I was sitting, I could hear some of what was being said.


During about 7 minutes, the woman turned 3 times to look where I was seeing the lady, but the woman did not verbally respond back to her. The woman was hearing the lady, but wasn’t seeing her.  I asked my wife whom the lady was across the aisle that was talking to the woman.  I received only a confused look (again), so I said nothing further while in the church about what I was seeing.




(The special night at church)  On the other side of the church there was a man of few words that had been prompted to testify (by ‘The Lady’ who had been sitting and talking to him during the children’s skit.  Once she slowly became visible there, in a reverse-fade, and I reasoned that away.).  When the man didn’t know what to say next in his testimony, he leaned toward ‘the lady’ standing beside him.  Although she may not have been visible to the man, I could see her, and could hear some of what she was telling him to say.


At the moment, it seemed to me as if church procedures had gone to extremes since I was there last.  I sat there wondering why the church had the man repeat what the lady said instead of acknowledging her.


It is very likely that I received Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit help at 10 years old, to get me through the recitation of the Psalm at the Methodist church. There did seem to be a slow unfolding of the words for me, but I do not recall the help being in such a way and strength as to be audible.




(The special night at church)  Only transparently visible, the lady was standing between two women (where no seating was available) near the front, and leaning toward me with one hand between them on the back of their pew.  From her still position she looked my way as if enjoying a playful game of hide-and-seek before I looked away.  (I thought I was very possibly, just having a strong thought)  When I looked forward again, a cluster of seven women began to stand and testify before the one next to them was comfortably seated.



(The special night at church)  At the end of the service, she took her books from the pew where she had first taken a seat.  I would dare to say that I was influenced in my spirit (by The Spirit) to then notice her leaving, from the corner of my eye.


I didn’t turn far enough to look directly at the door, but as I cut my eyes in that direction, I could see the color and the fringe on her poncho (similar to my daughter’s poncho except with embroidered wildflowers) with the fringe boldly swaying side-to-side at the window where she had ‘suddenly positioned herself’ to the other side of the door.  ((as fringe sways in an  Indian women’s ceremonial dance))




(The Sunday visitation happened 3 months after the special night at church and in about 5 more minutes The Lady would manifest to me as if coming from church with my family.)


While my wife and daughter talked, they did not know the third voice had joined with what was being said and matching perfectly to the conversation for my ears only.  They were held unaware of the supernatural visitation that was in progress.  I was 100% convinced that a friend from church was with them.




(The Sunday Visitation)  Varying hairstyles, differing types of clothing and her general make-up for the purpose at the time, are some of the reasons I didn’t recognize the lady, my guardian angel, over the stretches of time.


As I made my work ready in the last years, the truck I drive is (was) of identical green color to the dress she wore (also my favorite shade).  A strange depth to the black leaves printed on her dress was indicative to representing the truck’s custom black interior.  God knows all things and ‘the lady’ is ardent in her work.


Unlike many people of these urban times, her eyes were a bit large (as were Jesus’ eyes).  For this visit, she took the appearance of looking just a little older than she did at church.  There was now an ashen-yellowness to her light olive skin.  I must have thought she was an older sister of the lady I had seen at church.


Because I had asked that God give “tips, hints, and information “ on things of The Bible and things of history, this righteous lady as a representative of The Lord, was giving a confirming clue to the illness that brought death to her body.  She appeared to be 5’ – 10” tall, not considering the very slight additional height difference in the supernatural element of this (as the carpet didn’t mash down -“like when I walked on it”).




(The Sunday Visitation)  She started her prayer with, “Hosanna.  Glory to Your Very Precious and Holy Name,” and included Immanuel and other of God’s pre-translated Hebrew names that start with “El” toward the end.  In the prayer, she referred to arriving here safely for the special assignment that He (The Lord) had given her, and that the project was coming along very well.




(The Sunday Visitation)  I asked where she lived.  She said proudly, “My home is Heaven”.  I had heard that expression before when people talked about locations they found so peaceful.  From my silent interpretation I nodded my head confirming the thought as she added, “Just Heaven.”


This would be an evening of first-hand information from history that I asked for in the special conversation-prayers in 1950.  God delivered on His promise, but because of its lack of real importance, much was given faster than my mind could understand it.  Some of it sounded so foreign to me.


A couple of times she saw I didn’t understand what was being said and told me, “Oh, never mind.  That’s not important,” as if on a schedule to conclude the visit within a desired time frame.  At other times she gave two examples to relay her meaning.  That would become a big help (in the 1990’s) when it was time to recall what was said.




(The Sunday Visitation)  She said her aunt, her Dad’s sister, gave her the name (Pocahontas meaning Little Mischief, -‘she said’) because as a child she did so many teasing pranks to her younger siblings.  She was tickled as she shared with me that she liked to do such playful things as hide one sock and make them think they had misplaced it.


From pictures and the people I had seen, I remembered (those) American Indians had worn no socks, so this eliminated Indians and history of her from my fledgling thoughts.


She also told that she enjoyed getting into and rearranging her sibling’s personal items in such a way that another would be blamed.  Then she would sit back to enjoy the fuss between them that she knew would be coming.





(The Sunday Visitation)  From what the lady was telling me, I had the impression that her dad was an important man and held the job of District Chief –of police.  She thoughtfully said his name as 3 distinct words with emphasis on the middle part, letting her breath out as she pronounced it as “haa”.  That was also a confirmation to one of my early prayer questions that I would again notice.  We do breathe in our next dimension of life.  Heaven must not be far away.


History books tell that she later took the name of Rebecca when she married John Rolfe in the year 1614.  My mind was awhirl with all she was saying.  I can only say she must have mentioned Rebecca and it did not stick with me.




(The Sunday visitation)  (This is an excerpt from the testimony:  What she was then trying to get me to understand was that she worked for The Lord, traveling, and as a Church Emissary or Envoy in worship services.  What she had first tried to tell me was that she ‘celebrated’ as The Holy Ghost, then added, “The Holy Spirit”!)


I wondered if she performed as a ghost at birthday parties for youth at church.  I thought she must really be good to make that work.  From what I was told, and from what The Bible says about two or more gathering in His Name, there is at least one representative of The Lord present for each church or worship service.




(The Sunday visitation)  She told of stopping and enjoying watching my children play in the yard.  I asked her if she worked in the area, and she said she had a client that she visited ‘here’.  I thought a neighbor must be ‘the client’.  From overhearing the things that she reminded others of at church, this ‘Representative’ and others are around-and-about, helping many ‘clients’.


I told her that my youngest child had not yet learned to ride the unicycle.  She answered, “But she is so young!”  For a few moments we seemed of one mind and clicked quickly in our conversation.  Her concentration usually seemed to be at the level of my eyebrows.




(The Sunday visitation)  She was talking about “all her brothers and sisters” –In Christ.  When she said that, I remembered something of history and of reading that she was the oldest of several brothers and sisters.  For a few moments, the thought of the super-natural did cross my mind and I wondered why I was so honored to have such a visit as this, but this world’s rationalization would soon return.




(The Sunday visitation)  She responded to my thoughts of larger and yet larger jewelry and department stores with brief movements and halting of her hand as she enthusiastically extended her arm back as far as she could reach.  She then leaned back and waved her hand even farther to indicate ‘more of a store than I was imagining’.  She was expressing the enormity of God’s store of treasure.





The paintings that I have seen of ‘the lady’, Pocahontas, vary considerably in resemblance to her.  Of those, there is one that most resembled her as she appeared to me.  That is one where we might today think that she was near to entering her teen years.  However, that portrait shows her face as having ‘baby fat’ which she did not now have.


The ‘portrait within’ my 10th birthday picture where she posed transparently, wearing a high-top hat, enhanced the elegance depicted in its similar painting.  I’m sure eligible young men of her day found her looks attractive and her engaging personality exciting.




Three months after the lady’s manifestation and visit at my home (and 6 months since I had been to the church), I attended the church again. Members there would speak of ‘praying through and getting The Holy Ghost’.  Before church I heard a young lady tell friends that she was determined to do that on this night.  She went to the altar and other church members gathered around her in prayer.


She ‘received’ The Holy Ghost that night and it was obvious, even to me, the moment it happened.  It wasn’t the expected and usual way they received The Holy Ghost there.  This was by an audible characterization to her by a representative of The Holy Ghost.


After church her friends gathered at the door, wanting to hear her story.  She told that ‘a lady’, who was not visible, talked to her at the altar. That got my attention.  It seemed that I was the least likely one there that a Word of prophecy would be given for, but then remembering what I saw the last time I was at the church, my interest was piqued.


Someone asked what ‘the lady’ said and I looked expectantly at her.  The young lady saw my interest and shyly replied, “I forgot.”  If The Holy Ghost gives you a Word for someone (from a strong feeling –to some audible volume), pass it along!




In 1985, I was given three successive miracles when I stayed home over a July 4th weekend and my family and relatives went on a camping trip.  Alone at home, the lights were off and I was near to falling asleep.  Someone unseen suddenly lifted me and I sat straight up, not in fright but with calmness from The Spirit!


The voice of The Lord Jesus, very strong and authoritive but some different from Gabriel’s voice, began to speak at the foot of the bed.  The voice here was similar to that of the actor Charlton Heston playing the part of Moses in a popular movie.  The room was not totally dark, but I could see no one there.


The Lord said, “While on this camping trip, your daughter (and said her name), will meet a man camping there” and gave further details. “ He is from (and named the small Georgia town).  They will be married.”


A vision immediately followed without words but with a knowing given to my spirit by The Holy Spirit.  Now, I was seeing where I would be living in the future.  We had a nice house, but I always thought I would like the simplicity of living in a mobile home.  In the vision was a mobile home on a lot at the bend of a creek.


Still being propped by someone (possibly Gabriel) as if I was sitting in an armchair, I stretched my neck upward to look over the top of the mobile home as the vision started to fade.  I was trying to see more of the scene where there looked to be a wooden walk bridge across the creek.


Thirdly, as the vision went away, I was left with a strong feeling from The Spirit that the creek would someday flood the mobile home.


I thought of writing the first revelation down and sealing it in an envelope, but I didn’t.  When my family returned, I decided to keep the miracles to myself, all that I had seen and heard, and let them tell about their trip.  My daughter began to talk of a man by the exact description I had been told.


(Miracle #1 of 3, -prophesy)  I purposely didn’t mention anything to anyone about what I knew.  I was resolved to see this develop without an influence.  A few months later, the man from the camping trip called my daughter for a date.  They dated for a year, and on the night they were married I told the astonished couple of the blessed union.




After Nancy and I separated in 1987, I found a space I could be happy with in a mobile home park, but someone asked me to check another lot that they had found.  Going there at night, I chose to take that lot because of better access.


(Miracle #2 of 3, -the vision)  After busily setting up the home on the new lot, I was on a ladder installing the TV antenna.  I stretched to peer over the roof at a wooden walk bridge over the creek and recognized this was the same scene in the vision where I first stretched to see the bridge.




(Miracle #3 of 3, -a strong feeling)  When I moved to the property by the creek, it had never flooded, but I had a strong feeling that I should keep important things up high.  I was not consciously remembering the strong feeling as being from the night of three revelations.


A few months later, mother gave me some pictures and I laid them in an empty lower drawer until I could organize them and put them higher. One was my mysterious 1950 birthday newspaper picture with both of my guardian angels posing transparently with us kids in the picture.


Two weeks later, the creek did overflow and a foot of water entered the home.  I had been warned in the spirit, by The Spirit, at the end of the vision given three years before.




God agreed to all that I asked in the prayers of 1950, so my guardian angels didn’t introduce themselves each time The Lord bestowed a miracle.  I would be reminded of the agreement and make the connections when it was God’s time for me to testify to what He has done.


In the mid-1980’s a revelation was given of Bernice as I was sitting in the den, reading and listening to a radio report of a store robbery.  Bernice would play a brief, yet important role on the way to reaching ‘God’s promise of this work’.


Suddenly, there was the voice of Gabriel as an unseen angel coming toward and through me without stopping, as if walking on the ground three feet below the floor of the house.  On entering the room, he started talking, saying, “Listen for the name of the store manager.  It could be important to you someday.”


Two minutes later, a police officer gave the manager’s name and said she was being called back to the store.  She had missed the robbery by 6 minutes.  I had been in that store one time several months earlier and noticed a woman working there that I had seen in the early 1960’s in my dad’s hometown 30 miles away.  There was something very interesting about her in the 1960’s, as even then I had a very strong feeling (again provided by The Spirit) that she was to play some part in my life in some way.


Seemingly (at the time) conflicting revelations had happened before in my life and I wasn’t remembering anything that had actually come to pass, so this miracle too, soon faded from my memory.


A few years later, I saw Bernice again at another store, one year after my first marriage ended.  She was then the first that I would ask out on a date.  A close friendship did not develop, but this would be a start for something new.  God gave me a jump-start here, and I was dating again, on my way to an ‘arranged’ meeting with another.




(This happened after Margie, of the next few stories, and I dated for several months.  ‘The lady’ appeared to have been impatiently waiting at a quiet intersection at midnight and proceeded to cross in front of me.  More on this is in the testimony.)


I then turned onto the highway from the short-cut road and expected another glimpse of the lady.  A streak of distant light shining down the center of the divided side road would have normally allowed me to see the silhouette of someone.  She was not visible where she had walked and I wondered if she had made a quick move to hide in the bushes.


Soon arriving home, I called the police department and they checked the area and found no one.  Thinking back, it is evident to me here and at other times that this guardian angel worked behind the scenes with other people and myself to keep me on track toward the destination of my work.  Thank you Lord, for giving this work.




I thought I could spend the rest of my life with Mary-Ann (that I had dated), but there was one thing that bothered me.  I had a strongly-driven feeling in the spirit that I should make myself available to soon meet a woman by a name that seemed to be Margie.


After the last date with Mary-Ann, I did not date for two weeks but had the expectation that somehow the specific Margie would just pop into my life.  I knew things didn’t “normally” happen that way, but in this case there was a ‘sense’, or strong feeling, that something special would be happening.  The Lord’s representatives, ‘my guardian angels’, had been at work in my spirit.


Several miracles had been given through the years, showing ‘the blonde girl’, Margie, would someday be in my life, but those infrequent revelations were not at the forefront of my mind.  When the two weeks had passed, I received a call from a mate-matching company wanting to schedule me for a free Sunday afternoon consultation and curiously I went.


While in the waiting room there was conversation with a woman who was also called for a free consultation and ‘somehow’ scheduled for the same time.  I thought it only a coincidence that her name was Margie, the same as that of the mystery woman that I felt on a quest to find.  The pattern of miracles to my life would soon ‘begin’ making sense.


At that time, I didn’t remember seeing her anywhere and she didn’t remember me.  Later that day I called her, and there was no reason for us to join a mate-matching group.  We dated for four years and then married.  I’m sure the lady who is my guardian angel also worked ‘behind the scenes’ with this.  She does enjoy her work!





Through the years when revelations were given of Margie I did not know she was the same person.  My first notice of her was when I was 14 years old and sat alone on my neighbor’s wall.  I had forgotten my request to know beforehand who my future mate would be.


Margie was a few years younger than me, and walked down the street with a girl that looked nearer my age.  The first revelation of Margie was about to be given.  First, there was the sound of wedding bells.  Then, unseen, Gabriel had stopped at my shoulder and softly said, “When the little blonde girl is older, you two will marry.”


At that moment I remembered I was told that I was to write a book and nothing had happened (when I wrote a 7 page ‘book’ in the 5th grade), so I ‘strongly wondered’ when this would happen as I heard the voice again.


Judging by sound, Gabriel had already taken flight from my left side, passing through me and curiously going toward the northern point ofLookout Mountain which was visible 7 air-miles away.  His voice faded from my ears by the time he seemed 6 feet away, but not before giving answer to my thought with, “Into your 50’s.”




In 1959, I drove by a church and a blonde girl, Margie, was going up the steps.  She was very pretty, but it was not like falling in love.  There was just a knowing in the spirit, that our lives were somehow a match.


I was 19 and she was too young to pursue.  At age 21 I planned for two weeks to go to the church in hopes of eventually meeting Margie, but that wasn’t in God’s plan (for another 28 years) and I did not go.




In the 1960’s, I saw the blonde girl, Margie again as she boarded the city bus that I was riding.  She was now grown, and again I didn’t realize who she was.  When she stood waiting to exit the bus, she looked my way, and God gave a very special vision.


Five ‘blocks’ of ancient writing appeared within the aura around her.  Each block represented one short sentence.  In a 1998 television program, I saw similar ancient writing on an old wooden plank standing amongst trophies near the desk of a Bible scholar ((and I wish I knew more about the writing)).


While the first block of writing burned to ashes, the authoritive voice of The Angel of The Lord, Gabriel, read aloud to me, “This is your future companion.”  As the second sentence of “You two will marry” was spoken, the second block burned and disappeared.  With each short sentence spoken, the writing burned to ash by a yellow/white fire that resembled sparkler-type fireworks.


Before the third sentence was spoken, a question arose in my mind and I was told the answer.  The last blocks continued to burn in sequence, but more slowly so the last block would be ashes as Gabriel finished the sentence of the last block of writing.  The last sentence was, “You are scheduled to meet in the future.”  I had a strong belief deep in my spirit, of how that was meant to be.


Following this, I did not tell anyone all of what I had heard during the aura.  I did express my opinion about the meeting that would be in the future, seeming as if to be in a waiting room somewhere, sometime.


My guardian angel was either taking notes on my thoughts or The Holy Ghost was letting me know in my spirit of the way it would happen. Scheduled to meet in a waiting room many years later is just how we met.  God sends miracles.




Two weeks after the aura on the bus, I was in a grocery store.  I quietly stood waiting for the stock boy to move away from a shelf.  I had not seen the dark haired boy anywhere before.


Beginning like only a whim of my own thinking, a representative of The Holy Ghost was ‘within me’ (standing where I stood) and the voice of The Angel Of The Lord, Gabriel, finished the last half of this sentence: “This is the brother of the blonde girl you saw on the bus two weeks ago.”


The stock boy moved and apologized for blocking access, then walked away.  Even as I was ‘hearing The Spirit’, I stepped toward the shelf and The Angel of The Lord stayed exactly where I had stood, ending the miracle information (to my ears only) with, “He is studying to be a minister.”


I would notice Margie infrequently through the years after that and wonder if she was the same woman of an earlier revelation.  At other times The Holy Ghost alerted me to other of her relatives with a feeling of knowing within my spirit.  Through the years, her brother achieved much for Our Lord throughout the nation.  In 1993 he returned home and was the minister that married us.




After marriage, for a long while, Margie and I considered moving to a larger piece of land.  Finally, ‘as if’ led by God, I decided to look at property.  The realtor told us of an unlisted property on the way to look at another.  That was the first place we visited in a rural area several miles from work, but we liked it.


That night we prayed that God would be with us in this move to the property.  God already had plans!  This was near the church where I was later to give testimony and where I would see a 1960’s feeling of knowing within my spirit, come to be.


With the excitement of the day, I slept only 2 hours that night.  During that time there was a brief interruption of my sleep.  Someone that would be unseen gave a hard shove to my hip and that awakened me.


Margie was a light sleeper and I was surprised that my sudden movement had not awakened her.  I rose onto my elbow to look around, but all I could see was grayness as a combination of 4 voices slowly took their part in pronouncing the name TAMI, one letter at a time.  I knew no one by that name and would have spelled it Tammy except for the meticulous way it was said to me.


Several months earlier, a woman at church had asked to take the lectern and say some words of encouragement to a young lady by that name. She testified of being awakened in the night by someone audibly saying only that name to her.  The Great ‘I AM’ sometimes works in very strange and confirming ways.  The name was said to me in such a way that I would (by The Spirit) know the interpretation.


The ‘T’ sound was given in the authorative voice of the lady who is my guardian angel.  The ‘A’ sound, I heard as being in my voice, which had been very strained that day and I cringed as I heard it.  The ‘M’ was sounded by the strong voice of Gabriel.  The ‘I’ was said as if by mechanical means, or by someone very old, resembling the ancient sound of Almighty God, just as like Jesus began His first word to me in the vision during the prayers of 1950.


Immediately, from The Spirit, I knew in my spirit to reverse TAMI, to find the meaning of this:  I’M AT!  Sure and satisfied from this miracle that the move was in God’s will, I went quickly back to sleep.  The move to the property was like a leap toward the conclusion of God’s promise and the arriving of my work where He was awaiting its use.




One cold morning soon after moving to the new property, I awoke as Margie was leaving for work.  As I sat on the side of the bed, my thought was of having had such a good nights sleep and I was feeling good.  Suddenly an uncommon ‘dark cloud of a thought’ came over my spirit. Silent words from The Spirit, or a strong knowing, of “impending disaster” were strongly felt within me.


I remembered a promise I made to God in the early prayers about care giving if that scenario was to be a part of my life.  Instantly I dropped to my knees and into prayer, asking that my loved ones would not be injured.  One minute later I heard a noise from outside.  Margie slipped on ice and had fallen down five steps.


At the bottom, the point of a rusty nail was sticking up where a board had been removed from a makeshift walkway.  A clear indention from the nail, the size of a BB shot, was at the spine, but there was neither broken skin nor injury.  Thank you Lord, for watching over us by your many ways. Stay in touch with The Lord.




Few have told that they have heard The Holy Ghost audibly; while others are not clear on the manner their instruction was received.  Many say to listen for the still spirit within you.  Here is a start for other than audible recognition, but still, you must find your own way from there.  First study The Bible to show yourself approved.


What to expect:  One recognition of The Holy Spirit is discernment by an instant weighing of something with The Word in your spirit.  A further example is a God given mirror-quick answer to your spirit, starting even as you begin to ask a question in prayer.  Search and ‘listen of the Spirit’ to find your way so that your ‘compatible’ spirit may now and forever represent The Holy Spirit.




Here is a good place to compare ‘a knowing’ with ‘the audible’ from The Spirit.  In high school I described the knowing feeling that was given, as like getting ‘a refreshing second wind’ of the mind.  The 1960’s revelation in the grocery store started like a faint whim, and then became a stronger knowing feeling before growing audible to finish the sentence.


While at home in the 1970’s, this started like an odd thought and progressed to a knowing feeling of something that in the natural I knew nothing about.  That feeling then graduated into the audible voice of ‘the lady’, my guardian angel, with a revelation from ‘within’ where I was standing.


At the time, I didn’t know I had asked for this in the early prayers of 1950.  By reasoning in the natural, I moved quickly from where ‘we’ were standing and away from the voice of the lady representing The Holy Ghost, still standing unseen within where I had stood.


I did receive enough of what was said to me, to later understand the revelation.  I could have been useful in a matter through a small gesture if I had listened.  Few of us are conditioned to expect an answer to a prayer request after such a long period of time.


(It is often hard to comprehend farther than there being an awareness in concentrated prayer when someone says, “God told me” or ”I heard from God” and sometimes that is only an expression, but where God chooses, The Spirit is with voice.  (I John 4:1,2) Test to see if a spirit truly represents The Lord.)




In the 1960’s, a brief acquaintance and friend, Pauline showed a picture of her family singing group.  Singing was certainly not my forte, but I had a strange knowing-feeling that of those in the picture, I would one day sing with her and her friend, (“like a sister”) Irene.


In the year 1999, ‘I randomly chose’ and started attending the church where I was to give the testimony.  Before I remembered the knowing feeling of the 1960’s, I was singing in the choir of the small church with Irene and Pauline, and sang once in a duet with Irene.  Pauline’s husband was the pastor at that church.  God will guide our path.





I had been physically ailing for several months and my health was steadily declining.  The pastor gave an altar call and I went forward.  God performs many healings and He does them in a variety of ways.  Not all healings are instant, nor in such a describable way as was about to be given.


No one was near me.  Sending another brief prayer, my eyes closed again, and from between the overhead lights and me, I sensed something descending like a large umbrella quickly opening and closing for about 4 seconds before I felt what seemed to be a thumb pressing the top of my head.


From that night, my health steadily improved.  Two weeks later I was still feeling what was like a healing burn at the spot where I was touched. A few weeks later, I had healed completely.  Apply The Word and believe for your miracle!




(‘The lady’, representing The Holy Ghost, first prophesied this work to me in 1950.)  March 11, 2003, an internationally known and truly anointed pastor with many of God’s miraculous healings given through his work was in the fifth week of revival just a few miles away.


In prayer I told The Lord that I thought this would be the good opportunity to receive a Word from Him about my intention of getting underway with the book, ‘The Millennium Gift’ (as I was no longer in contact with the ‘authority-on-The-Word/teacher’ that God provided for reassurance and encouragement).


There were many healings given that night, then the pastor walked back to me, not with a healing, but bearing prophesy.  The Holy Ghost was using him to say the words.  He called my name and gave my birth date and told that a lot of miracles had been given in my life.  Next, the words from 1950 of “a great work” I would do for The Lord were repeated through the pastor.


The Holy Ghost had more for him to tell.  A further anointing was being given.  He said my work, ‘the miracle work’ (& ‘miraculous healings), would get underway by my next birthday and would be in full swing by the following birthday.


Although I asked in the early prayers “to work marvels in peoples’ lives”, I would feel like Moses felt if ‘my work’ was anything other than what I have written, or is given through the book.  (In one 1950 ‘conversation’ I asked for miraculous healings to “just spring out of a book”.  -In the last prayer conversation I was told I would write a book!)  Pray for healings!  ((of all kind))




One beautiful morning in the 1980’s, I was awakened with the most wonderful combination of orchestral music that I have ever heard.  I looked around the bedroom to realize it was not coming from a radio.  No one else in the house had heard it.


A year later, I heard the same unusual tune for a #1 popular song (possibly “Planet Texas” by Kenny Rogers).  An effort was made to make the music as good as what I had heard, but a lot of instruments were lacking in our world’s version.


Another year after hearing the song on the radio, I told a friend of what had happened.  The friend had experienced the same miracle at about the same time, but neither of us could remember the name of the song.  That music was not misdirected to us.  The same musical arrangement (that we heard) from Heaven was also given to the intended writer who was said to have “heard it in the air”.


God had his reason with the two of us, untalented in music, as an example of how He can place beautiful music in our world through those gifted to receive it.  In our case, this was to confirm to each other and let the miracle be remembered and told.  God has given us much through many people and in many ways.  He still gives!





Maybe you’ve heard of someone’s phone ringing strangely and hearing only static on the line when a loved one died.  That happened with my phone, early on the morning that Dad died.  When the body dies, that is not our end.




One old saying involves a friend from my school years that I haven’t talked with since our school days.  On rare occasions we have passed while driving.  They had a saying that if your nose itches, then someone you know will soon show up.


An angel must have been riding with me one day before I drove around a blind curve to stop at an intersection.  I have never had my nose to itch so much as it did then, starting just before I got to the curve.  As I sat rubbing my nose, I looked up and there sat the old friend watching (and maybe wondering about my traffic intention).


A playful ‘angel’, who personally knows both of us, must have been riding in the other car recently.  While talking with the passenger, that friend was having a terrible time with an itching nose.  Representatives from Heaven are not far away!

Random notes


MARY (described)
Hearing Catholic friends frequently talk of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, I asked in one of the special prayers to see her. In the last prayer vision of June 1950, other than in the then modern street scene at a coliseum, the only woman I saw was at the doorway next to Jesus’ habitat ‘as Gabriel and I first arrived there in the vision’. Apparently this was Mary. She looked toward me and smiled; but not then expecting this, or relating that I had asked to see Mary, I looked away and she turned back inside the doorway.


Here is my description:  The doorway was of a different frame style and was wider than Jesus’ doorway. If both doorways were of the same height, then she seemed to be less than five feet tall with a stout body build and of dark black skin color and soft facial features.  That may be another clue in her lineage.

My grandmother would say, “Give that boy an inch and he’ll take a mile.” Father has always known just how far I would go. Widely and long-prophesied, even at times (including March 11, 2003) pinpointed to my area of a southeast Tennessee county, “a great work of God’s miracles” was revealed; “coming in the later part of 2003” as prophesied.  (Major marvels were told in the book, ‘The Millennium Gift’.) More miracles may be seen in other countries, but our nation still holds favor with God in the year of publication.  Let us not lose Your favor Lord!

December 2003, I again attended a miracle revival and received another miracle. As everyone watched my right leg grow, I could feel what was like years of growth taking place in only a few seconds with bones expanding from the top of my knee to midway of my shin.  A recurring back problem was also corrected that night.  Thank you Jesus, for Your healing miracles!

I inquired of Gabriel about the angels’ alphabet and their writing. Maybe the writing that burned in the aura (and similar to writing on the prized wooden board of a Bible scholar) was not like a writing from this world, but from an angel anphabet? I Concentrated on what I was seeing for the first sentence. The upper left was with marks like a dangling mobile (as in art), and the lower right was like a hook, or probably turned like a ‘J’.


If that was the angel’s own way of writing, maybe the ‘crop circles’ are God’s way of writing to us, those ‘frequent love letters’ I was twice assured He would send. Could it be ‘those love letters’ are placed in areas in the world where God’s love and concern needs to be shown?

Since elementary school, any time I traveled a highway and passed one intersecting road in another county, I had a knowing feeling that was where I would turn and drive to where I would live sometime in the future. I turn there now for a shortcut to my house.


I didn’t know my grandparents had lived in this area. I only remembered their big house and stables in town before they died when I was young. Since moving here I met relatives and heard stories of Grandad living nearby and cutting timber here, and of the stubborness of his horses outside the little white church in a dell where God guided me to be a member and helper.


The Holy Spirit will guide your life. Go to God in prayer; read His instructions, and get to know Him/and His Son as the one true and living God.

There have been other miracles, and some old information to my life (made known through The Spirit) has been recognized and parts recalled.  And there is friendship for six years now  ((in 2010)) with someone I didn’t know from a 1965 revelation.  If there is a miracle in the Bible you most doubted, I was probably shown an ‘impossible’ equivalent.

With God’s representatives sent to work with the Spirit within me, I have been blessed with what seems like a triple portion at times in this work.  Thank You Lord.


The congregation in the 1970’s frequently spoke in tongues ‘except on that special night’ when The Spirit seemed to work differently. The only person starting to speak in tongues quickly trailed off what she started, as if uninspired (or among those on this night that were ‘Inspired to be silent’).


The yearly dream (4-3-8)

A recuring yearly thought (or ‘daydream’ before I finally discovered an accessible side door) since at least 1950 (the year I was told “You can sell The Bible”), was probably taking place in earlier years as the semblance to my gift was first in cartoon form. With age ‘the same dream’ became with people, and with age, each time trying to quickly solve the puzzle, I came closer to finding entry or ‘the side-door’, before the thought would end.

Here is the story from ‘The Millennium Gift’:

I would think of this as just a funny little thought without a reason when it has repeated itself in my mind. When I was younger, it was in a form enjoyable for that age.

In the parable-thought, there is a tavern with an unguarded door at the side that I eventually discover. A bouncer ((established ways of man)) is at the front door to keep people imprisoned inside and not to keep them out.

As the thought continues, I find the side door and put a Bible under my arm, almost hidden, and go directly to the people at the bar undetected. I then say only a few words about the wondrous book that holds a key of escape for each one of them and they show great amazement.

I then turn and lay The Bible open on a table.

People gather around and read it feverishly. As each person finds a key of their very own at different places within those pages, they take their key in hand and charge past the guard at the door and go on to ever-lasting freedon.
The Bible is a miracle in itself.

Scripture of interest:
John 17:17: (God’s word is truth)
Numbers 12:6: (visions and dreams)

ADDING SPRIPTURE OF INTEREST> The Spirit convicts to include ‘scripture of interest’ with the miracle stories in this ministry to sell The Bible. As I did in the original testimony, I have begun that here and in the new notes on the Creation page. After seven years on the internet, additions or work to the site have averaged to be more often than yearly.  ((in 2010: added the page of ‘scripturestories’))

EMISSARY>  S-t-u-d-y, (when you) ‘read’ your Bible!  The visible ‘Spirit’ (that God sent from dimensions of Heaven) while I visisted the church in the 1970’s, closely checked the Bible for the leaders’ accuracy each time scripture was quoted. -Romans 10:17 (Faith comes by hearing the word.

No two people are alike, so, what is there about you that makes you most different from anyone else, and, that stimulates your interest?  Search there; and explore, expand and evaluate possibilities for your gift.  Let your Light shine.  Supporting a church or ministry with your ability is a work for The Lord.  Stimulate someone’s interest with too.


BELIEVE on Jesus’ name and be saved.   Study The Bible and “choose a church that suits you.”  Pray always.  4M is millennium testimony that God still lives with us, and a team aid for demanding times in winning souls to Christ. (Go team!)

GOD CAN!  He listens for you..


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Over many years, The Spirit has been re-modeled for us to be as still and quiet as suits a time and place; but God still hears our prayers.