Rom 14:8  Dead or alive, we are the Lord’s
Visiting Life After Death

My First Death Experience
Condensed from ‘The Millennium Gift’


(I wanted to see the other side of life in terms I could relate for others.)  I hadn’t remembered much about the two weeks of special prayer conversations and what I had asked for just 2 years before.  A part of that special time did enter my mind at 12 years old when I knelt at the altar to be baptized just a couple of weeks before this eventful day.

Mother took me to a dentist to have three wisdom teeth extracted.  I was put to sleep for the procedure ‘and something, so it seemed, went wrong’.  Later, I would be told that my heart might have stopped and I was to stay in bed for a few days.  God used this out-of-body time in death experience #1 to give some of the answers to requests I made during those very special prayer conversations.

The consciousness of my spirit, and of my soul, left my body in the dentist chair, not awakening until my soul had floated into the darkness above the ceiling.  In this plan of God, vibration from what I later understood was a long pulley belt, awakened ‘me’ just as if awakening in our physical body.  I seemed to be alone and with my own thoughts to where I was in the darkness.

Slowly moving along the vibrating belt made me feel that I was moving at a high rate of speed, going through outer space.  There were 3 spherical lights ahead of me that I thought to be planets with what looked to be rivers and tributaries.  It seems that each time a tooth was extracted, it affected which light I was headed for.  After glancing away from the third light, I found that I had floated to the roof of the building and sunlight.


The few moments I was on the roof were mostly very happy.  On the roofs arch behind me was Tommy, a childhood friend who had died five years before, after a fall from a bridge railing and onto rocks below.  He still looked one year younger than me, growing at the same rate that I had.  Tommy liked high places and that was a factor in his death.  He told me the name of the child that had been with him and the cause of death that I had not heard.  He said the people that he stayed with now let him play on roofs any time he wanted.

Even with the strangeness that I was noticing, I was rationalizing it and did not grasp the idea that both Tommy and I were ‘on the other side’ from the physical life.  I bounced up and down a couple of times, and it seemed I could float right off the edge of the roof if I wanted to and not fall.

Mother had asked Grandma to come with us, but she said her work was never done and she would stay home.  I had not seen much work to be done and was silently curious as to what else she could find to do.  With this newly found ability, I wondered what it would be like to float to my home six miles away and surprise Grandma while she worked.


((I had heard the expression of “Get control over your soul.”  I thought I couldn’t tame it if I couldn’t define literally just what the ‘soul’ was, so the next paragraph is the first with detail in these experiences.  Here, basically is a yearning soul and its discerning spirit:))

As if the mind of my spirit was in deep thought, I watched from my position in the spirit on the rooftop and saw my adventurous (detached) soul with its hearts desire at the edge of the roof, testing to see if it was possible to float off without falling.  My soul was so wanting with the thought that when I, in my position in the spirit, saw that my soul didn’t fall to the ground, ‘I’ in my spirit believed and (in less than a second) joined my soul, and went soaring toward home.

I surfed like the wind around trees and over walls.  Each time I slowed down, I would ‘believe’ it was time to put my foot to the ground to shove off again.  The thought, even before putting the foot down, was all it took to set me sailing again, speeding toward home just a few miles away.

For several seconds I was in the living room at home.  I watched Grandma move things on a table, then take a seat and look out the window.  Next, I heard Tommy saying that if I went too far, I would not be able to get back.  I started to ‘fly back the way I came’ just as a perturbed Tommy said, “Get back here now!”

With that, I ‘believed’ myself instantly back on the roof with Tommy.  He then suggested ‘going back in’.  Not realizing that I had stepped across the line of death, I thought he meant both of us should duck back into the building.


Taking Tommy’s advice and thinking he would follow, I simply ducked back through the roof and into the darkness of the attic.  In the light of the office below, I found myself slowly descending backward as if being taken toward the chair by an unseen angel.

As I was descending into the room, and floating toward my physical body, three people were working around the chair that held my body.  As soon as I went back into the body, my physical body awoke with my soul and spirit, ‘me’, already awake and now ‘activating’ my physical body.

When Mother and I returned home, I told Grandma of the things I had seen her doing, and she confirmed everything to Mother.  Grandma was unhappy with me, and soon moved away.  Years later I would see she received understanding of what had taken place and the design for my life.  She would play a part the next time this was to happen; but that would not be while her soul was in this world.

I was discouraged from talking about this experience, but just as in earlier miraculous things, then forgotten, I concluded that if this could happen to me the way it did and be so totally real, I would keep this in the back of my mind along with any other mysterious things that might happen in my life.

In the 1990’s I wrote down bits-and-pieces of the super-natural events that flashed through my mind.  When I pieced those notes together there were enough stories to remind me of what had happened just as had been discussed in the 1950 prayer conversations.  Thank You Lord for being with us!

Exploring My Second Death Experience

THE HEART ATTACK – and a clinical death

Saturday morning of the Labor Day weekend in 1971 is the beginning point for this story.  God had not yet given answers to some of my youthful requests, but time was nearing for those answers and I was remembering absolutely nothing about the special prayer conversations ((21 years before this)) and having Gabriel as a guardian angel.

For the prior two weeks I had been tired and sleepy at mid-day.  For the past year on long walks I frequently had a tearing pain at either opposite shoulder to where I carried a heavy route book.  Saturday came and I was scheduled to work.  On this morning there was a throbbing pain developing at the front of my right lower rib before I left for work.

Upon arrival at my work assignment, I stepped out of the car and could not straighten my body and could not take a deep breath.  I was admitted to a hospital for treatment of what was eventually determined to have been a heart attack (Myocardial Infarction).  A blood vessel had closed on the back of my heart, causing the throbbing and increasing pain, but it would not be diagnosed until after I had returned from a clinical death.

The pain became more intense between Saturday and Tuesday and I was kept sedated and slept most of the time.  Before going to sleep for the last time, I had a ‘strong feeling’ that I was supposed to know the man who was my nurse.  We determined we were not related.  Jokingly, the last thing I said was, “Oh, well.  Maybe we’re supposed to know each other sometime in the future.”  That did happen many years later, after he had taken a ministry position in a distant city.  (We would be brothers-in-law) He was married to one of Margies’ sisters.


During what seemed to be a long sleep period, I must have been in a coma.  I had heard an emergency bell sound for someone else in the Intensive Care Unit at what I thought to be several hours before the next awareness.  Before I heard my own emergency bell, I received ‘a visitor’!  My eyes were open, but I could only stare straight ahead and couldn’t move any muscle.

II Cor 4:17,18 Our light affliction is but for a moment: things which are seen are temporal, but things which are not seen are eternal

A man was standing beside me and I could tell there were two other figures behind him.  My visitor knew that he had to get directly in front of my eyes so I could see who he was.  As he did, he moved within the bed and I recognized him as Dean, the flagman at a racetrack where I had raced a car 10 years earlier.  He was wearing a dark suit without a tie.  I would be seeing him again!

The spirit and soul of the two people that would talk with me later in death had left their sickly bodies that had not yet ceased functioning.  My grandmother’s physical body was kept alive until 1972.  The body of Dean was buried one year after that, long after I met them on the other side.


II Cor 5:6  Whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord

The next awareness I had, was when the emergency bell sounded near my ear as my heart stopped and I thought I had overslept on a workday.  Awakened suddenly from what seemed to be a very deep sleep, and not realizing where I was, my main objective was to get away from what I thought must be a very loud alarm clock until I was awake enough to come back and find it.

Feeling my way forward with my eyes closed, I expected my hand to touch a wall or door, but I exited the room.  Surprised by the light and sound change, I opened my eyes and fully realized I was in the hallway of a hospital, wearing a gown.

I couldn’t remember what had happened to cause me to be at a hospital.  I remembered seeing a red sports car for sale several days before and wondered if I had bought it and wrecked it, causing me to be there.

I could have sworn that I entered the hallway where the wall was, but I saw no door where I thought I had entered.  I reached out, just to barely touch the wall and thought I had now misjudged where the wall was because of being so terribly sleepy.  I rubbed my eyes hard, and especially my right eye, trying to better awaken myself.  I reasoned that I had surely walked in my sleep from a door somewhere around the corner.


There was a strong smell of coffee permeating the hallway.  I thought that was just what I needed to wake me and by having no water for a few days, I was very thirsty.  I sleepily zigzagged down the hall, feeling very light on my feet as if well rested and feeling no pain.

I spotted a commercial size coffee maker near the end of the hall that opened with the staff lounge area and I made my way to it.  I reached for a cup from the stack and my hand went through it!  After two more tries I reasoned this as a hologram exhibition during the celebration of a previously advertised addition to a local hospital that seemed to be this one, and I thought, “What a dirty trick to put that type of art in a place like this.”

I expected the lever to also be fake, but just in case, I pulled my finger across it.  My finger also went through a hot pipe and my soul could feel the scalding heat.  Although I didn’t visit hell, this is not the only time my soul would be in contact with something hot.

A nurse was rushing toward me with a covered medicine tray.  I thought her mind must be somewhere else as she passed me, seemingly without watching where she was going.  She almost ran into me!  I was ‘behind a first curtain in death,’ invisible to physical life and I didn’t know it.


Being extremely thirsty I walked over to a man standing quietly alone at the end of the hallway in the lounge area sipping a cup of coffee.  Patiently, I told him what I thought about ‘their choice of art’.  I could actually feel my blood pressure rise in my soul as I expressed my sincere feelings.

The man with the coffee made some facial movement, which I took as an acknowledgement of what I said to him.  We seemed to be connecting ‘in the spirit’.  I asked where he got his coffee.  He now seemed to be in very deep thought and took another careful sip.  I expected he would soon say something.

I continued my conversation about the strong aroma and heat (evaporation I was seeing) from the coffee that he was holding.  He then nodded his head as if to say “Yes.” -then looked around sheepishly as if responding to ‘a voice when no one was there’.  Notice some similarity of this man and me, to the lady talking to the people in church as she represented The Holy Ghost.


I glanced down the hallway to my left and noticed a man’s head and chest leaning into the hall from where I had entered the hallway ((from the  room where I prayed last)).  Even though I still couldn’t see a door from this sharp angle, I thought there really must be one there.  He searched first to his right, then to the left toward us as I looked back at the man with the coffee.

A moment later I looked again and saw the man walking in the center of the hallway, toward us.  He was pulling something heavy (wings) that ‘seemed’ strapped to his back.

Observing this man coming down the hall, I thought if he is wearing shoes that are turned up at the ends, he would look as if dressed to play the part of a genie or to be in a religious play.

(Long ‘before the special conversations’ I was sold on the idea that “If there ever has been a genie, it was actually Gabriel that God had sent to do those miracles.”)

I thought he had come into the hall without changing wardrobe from the play that he must have been practicing for.  As he came closer, I again looked and now saw that the shoes were turned up at the toes, but only to a wedge point and not curled over the foot.

At this time in the story, the shoes appear to be size 12-wide in very soft black leather.  I could see the movement of his toes in the leather as he walked (and this would be an answer to my 1950 inquiry concerning the feet of angels).


The man was of roundish face (somewhat resembling the actor Dick Van Patten) with his blondish hair appearing to be brushed close to his head in the common way.  He (of a stature like the actor John Wayne) had a businessman’s appearance of about 50 years old this time, and was a few inches taller than my height of 5’ – 10”.  Later, my eyes would be level with the top of his shoulders as he stood in the thin shoes, making him roughly 7 inches taller than me.

Dragging behind this man were large wings that looked to have been in storage for a long time.  The looked very old and dusty.  The way the light hit the ‘dust’, the wings seemed to sparkle.  The wings appeared to me to be folding under as if they were scraping the walls of the hallway, but the walls were not actually containing them.


I looked again at the man with coffee.  I was waiting for him to say something when I noticed the winged man had stopped near me as if interested in the ‘conversation I was having’.  I turned my head left, toward him and said, “Hi.  How’s it going?”  With his first couple of words, I detected something in his speech that sounded like a slight electronic fluctuation, but he was having no problem with my language.

As I listened, the top joints of his unfolded wings were visible over his shoulders.  The feathers seemed weathered, close, and flat at the joint, which was larger than an elbow, but smaller than a knee.

In response to my greeting he said, “I had to fly down from my tower in the big city in the sky.  Business has been so heavy today (the day after Labor Day) that we have had to call in every available worker and families.”  By what was being said, I pictured that he must be a construction executive with his office in a skyscraper in New York City.

He continued, “We have gotten so far behind today that souls are walking away; then they’re lost to us and we can’t get them back.”  By mentioning souls, this sounded more like some type of sales business to me, and he was talking in terms that were over my head.

As the winged man finished his last sentence, I turned back to the man with the coffee, with “Uhm” as my baffled response, expecting the man’s ‘verbal’ input to the conversation.  With that, the quiet man with the coffee gave a deep shiver and moved quickly toward me.  Before I could step back to give him more space, his arm meshed into my left shoulder as he went between us.

I figured what I saw just appeared that way because I had rubbed my right eye too hard when I found myself in the hallway.  I rubbed it again so hard that it felt like I was pushing it farther into the socket.  I also had the feeling in my soul, of a cinder being in my eye and I was trying to work out that situation while trying to refocus.

Several years after this, I served on jury duty and one of the jurors looked familiar.  He told me that he held a position in an office of that hospital.  Long after that, I remembered this was the man drinking coffee that seemed to be hearing me.  Yes, I probably would have startled him ‘again’ if I had then recalled where and how I had seen him.

I would go on to notice that my hearing seemed in a narrower path, as I was not hearing all around me as in this life.  My sense of smell was sharper and I was seeing more color.  Judging distance was like judging from a photograph.  I thought the distance problem was because of rubbing my eye too hard.


The ‘winged man’ was a very cordial fellow and asked if I would like to see my grandmother again.  “I can take you to her,” he said.  Grandma would be about 95 years old at the time.  She had Alzheimer’s for the past six years.  There had also been a series of strokes and she had been in a coma for 5 months with her body already withered and drawn, but functioning, in a nursing home.

I wondered if Grandma had died recently as I couldn’t remember anything from the past week or so.  Still facing away from the man, that I thought had theatrical wings strapped to his back, I looked toward a window to my right as I pondered Grandma’s dilemma.

Not taking him literally about the visit, certainly not right then and for sure not by flying there, I said, “Yes.”  At that moment, he strongly grabbed me from behind by my upper arms and pushed me toward the south and outer wall of the hospital lounge.  I could feel us lifting from the floor ‘as an eagle would after scooping its prey’.

We went toward the wall at an angle slightly to the right from the hall and toward other people in the lounge.  “Who are you?” I asked.  He said, “I am Gabriel!”  Having forgotten about the very special prayers and conversations at 10 years old, I did remember that name was somewhere in The Bible and felt somewhat better about this strange situation.

Too late to suggest driving, I said, “Take the window,” as we went charging toward two men that appeared to be doctors, heatedly talking between the wall and us.  I felt that he was going to crash us into them and the wall.  I started to yell, “Look out!” to the people, but Gabriel said “Relax.  It won’t hurt.”  Still I cringed as we passed right through them and through the wall as if they were not there.

Having flown through the wall of the hospital, we now passed over nearby houses and streets that I recognized.  We escalated higher.  There was a logistic purpose in the line of travel we were taking.  (Later I would see another angel with a soul headed in the same direction)  The movement of the wings was at about the pace of a heartbeat and so tranquilizing that I closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.


Almost three miles later and just before reaching our destination, I awoke as Gabriel noticed something below and began to glide.  We were about to fly over a tire recapping plant near a busy triangle intersection of the city.  A loud machine inside a window of the plant was throwing particles of rubber high into the air.  Gabriel turned slightly left and glided directly over a large pipe extending out and up from where a pane of glass had been removed from the window.

Seeing Gabriel’s interest in the machine below, curiosity piqued within me.  Gabriel looked hard into the machine area as we passed over it.  At that instant, ‘we became standing’ and I was positioned at the window, looking in.  I was told not to move from there, and for brief seconds, I watched a man working at the machine while Gabriel walked into the buildings’ wall and into the machine and examined it.  Gabriel again took me and ‘instantly’ recaptured our position in altitude.

Possibly it was only expectation that made it seem to my spirit that my soul was bothered, feeling a sting to the eyes, from the tiny rubber particles being shot into the air as we passed through them.

Just as Gabriel started to thrash his wings again, I yelled a comment to him about the usefulness of goggles.  He stopped the pushing motion of the wings to hear what I was saying, but at the speed we were flying, my words faded in the wind before they reached his ears.  Gabriel seemed concerned until he saw I was smiling, although squinting because of the particles.  He smiled, then turned his head forward again and resumed flapping his wings just a few more times.

The downward thrusts of his wings caused an effect that seemed to push twice as many rubber particles on me.  Undoubtedly, I would have gone back to sleep if I had not been thinking about that. Gabriel seemed much taller than me here.  From what I would see later, it was because my soul was ‘sagging, or possibly crouched’ on his shoes as we flew.

When Gabriel stopped thrashing his wings, I looked ahead to see that we were gliding over what appeared to be a lush green forest with a gleaming creek running through it. We were on our way down and would continue gliding to a landing in a clearing at the edge of the forest with stumps and brush around us.

By what I observed on the ground during our flight, I could later discover that I was taken to Alton Park, a section of Chattanooga to the southeast of, and below the northern end of Lookout Mountain and 4 miles away on a straight line from the Chattanooga hospital.  This locale was central to other city and north Georgia hospitals.


(An elementary school teacher commented that an American Indian had seen angels in by-gone centuries, and that had influenced their use of ceremonial feathers.  In this 1971 death, I had not remembered the prayer conversations and asking to see what they had seen.  Give thought to the results of what you ‘want’, or ask for, ‘or believe in’.)

Dad’s ancestors were said to be French Protestant Huguenots.  We were Caucasian with very low percentage of known Indian ancestry.  Grandma, on my mothers’ side, claimed to be 1/8 Cherokee Indian.  Grandma attended Baptist churches and I had attended Methodist churches except for one year, 1948, when I attended with Grandma.  What I was seeing made me wonder, “If I am dead, I seem to be in the wrong ceremonial place.”

We were gliding down, toward what first appeared in full detail to be two Indian chiefs with ‘feather bonnets’ so long that a 4’ trail of feathers dragged on the ground.  A hound that I first thought was theirs was aggressively hunting around them and there would be a brief interaction.

The two ‘Indians’ (angels) on the ground were wearing buckskin trousers, moccasins, and no shirts, standing near a large stump within the clearing.  I was thankful I saw no ax.  Not remembering anything from the last several days, I thought the world might have ended while I was unconscious, or that Earth might have been invaded.  As we descended, I made plans to dart for the woods at the instant I could make a clear getaway.

Rom 13:1,2  For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained by God
Mat 24:42-44  Be ye also ready; for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh

Coming even closer, I could see that these young men had wings on their backs and not Indian headdresses and I wondered if they might be real angels.  I noticed they were in light conversation.  I hoped they were good angels.  (God was in control, knowing and guiding all actions and reactions for these special displays of His power and glory.)

Those two angels seemed to be on watch for new arrivals as they talked.  The closest angel with his back to us was watching the sky in the southeast direction of a North Georgia hospital.  As he watched the sky, he was reaching back in the manner of preening and fluffing his right wing.  I noticed one large feather out of alignment as if molting and on the verge of dropping from the others.  At 10 years old, I wanted to know if angels grew their feathers, and I wanted to see them in ‘their casual time’.

In comparison to Gabriel, the two standing below appeared quite a bit younger, as if in their early 20’s in people years; and like waiting laborers standing on the damp ground to provide their service.  The way I was seeing them casually at this time, their lower feathers were soiled from dragging the damp ground, less than 100 feet from the swampy forest.

God made everything that was made and at a young age I pondered if it was a sin to kill bugs and such.  The angel to the south and positioned toward our direction had not yet seen us approaching as he made a movement with his right foot and (as if God motivated) purposely stepped on a bug or possibly a rodent.

Even now, God was giving answers to questions I asked in the prayers as a 10 year old and the angels seemed unaware they were providing answers.  God is great and mighty!  Talk to Him in prayer.


As I was writing (the book), I was reminded of the next notation when my own dog suddenly sensed something and snapped three times in the air.  As a small child I had seen dogs hunting in a small circle and I asked an uncle why.  I was told that dogs were on the trail of a rabbit when they did that.  I was unable to believe that since the dog seemed uninterested when leaving the circular area.

God was in control of all I would see and hear during this specially arranged time.  The hound now circled closer to the angel that appeared to have killed something and I looked at the hound dog.  As the hound came near, I noticed the angel now had his hand extended, appearing to hold a treat between his thumb and forefinger.  The dog lunged upward, snapping two or three times as if attempting to grab what was being held, and without further hesitation continued to hunt in a circle.

The angels then noticed us gliding down and stopped the conversation they were having.  They moved closer to the stump and took an attentive position similar to a military “parade rest”, but with their arms folded across their chest.  They stood about 10 feet behind the stump and about 10 feet apart, looking west toward the northern point of Lookout Mountain.  A baseball batter’s cage was about 20 feet in front of them.

Though the clothing of these two angels differed from Gabriel’s, their feathers were the same color; gray, silver, and brown mixed, like a sparrow.  Gabriel’s wings were laid back when I saw them dragging behind him in the hall.  Their wings were noticeably smaller and upright with the wing joints meeting over their heads.

We glided to a right turn behind the two angels and headed to the tree stump.  As we flew between them, I thought I might not still be on earth.  I caught a glimpse of one angel slightly ducking from Gabriel’s wings. I was relieved that they had not grabbed me as we passed by.

The lanky hound dog was still rushing around in the near-circular clearing around the angels, sniffing and panting as if on the trail of something of our (physical) world.  The grass was mashing down under the dog’s feet but it had been unaffected when the angels moved to their positions.

It has been determined that a hunting dog has a sense of smell that is hundreds of times sharper than that of a human.  The hound sensed the angels being there and sensed their playful “hand-out”.  Miracles abound, and much is coming together in these times.


Gabriel placed me on the stump in front of the other two angels.  Being removed from the top of his shoes was as if he was dumping me from a ride on a two-wheel hand truck.  When he released my arms, it was the same feeling as releasing an arm wrap after checking blood pressure.

I observed what appeared then to be an ultra modern building on a hill to the left of our landing spot.  I was beginning to wonder if this might be Heaven, as the gleaming new school gymnasium being built there resembled a church.

I hadn’t seen enough to abandon ‘my plan of escape’.  I made one last look behind me before I planned to turn my head forward, then make a sudden wide break to my left and run to the forest behind us.  Wrongly, I figured they could not maneuver around the trees with those big wings.

As I turned forward, the two angels were in the process of raising their still folded arms in front of them as if in an American Indian ceremony.


Be ready for the Son of Man’s appearing in the clouds.  At this instant ‘in my escape plan’, I gazed straight ahead expecting to focus once more on the chain link fencing of the batter’s cage, but something had changed as the angels raised their arms and my plan was thwarted.

In place of the fence, was the scene of a small balcony that appeared tilted toward me.  A man and a woman were speaking almost in unison from the balcony, saying “Calm down.  You don’t have anything to worry about.  You will be alright.”

I recognized the man as Dean, who had visited me in ICU.  He still wore a dark suit with no tie and the woman wore a medium-blue dress.  They were standing on the balcony at what appeared to be (large and flat) steel rails in front of them.  The floor looked to be slate.

The colors in the scene were pastel and very beautiful.  There was a bright halo of light above them and just to their right.  A void or chasm, ‘or great gulf’ surrounded the scene.  At the time, I thought the enframing haze of the chasm was to discourage anyone from running toward the scene.

This was as if yet another dimension’s invisible curtain had been pulled back just enough for me to see this and for them to talk with me.  They had been there watching, just as when I was with the living people in the hospital lounge and the people did not know I was there.  I was not yet that far into the realms of death.

Somehow I knew who the woman was, although she appeared as if in her 30’s.  She was my grandmother.  When her spirit and soul were in her body of our world, she was 63 years old when I was born and I had last seen her at her age of 94.  I had visited her regularly until 5 months before, when I was told she had suffered another stroke and was unresponsive.

Grandma’s physical body, in a nursing home, did not cease functioning for another 15 months.  At this time I thought she had died while I was in the hospital and I didn’t question her about that.

Grandma had read The Bible through six times by the time I was 15 years old.  I remember that she read it everyday until her eyesight became too bad.


Grandma and I made eye contact and that seemed to be our understood “Hello.”  My mouth was dry, but I tried not to think of my thirst now.  Using one of her old clichés, Grandma softly said to Gabriel behind me, “I think the cat has got his tongue.”

I then asked Grandma if she had a job.  She said, “Yes.  I am a Greeter.”  Not having heard of that in 1971, I asked, “You are a Greeter?”  Grandma never liked to repeat things to me so she said more pronouncedly, “I—am—a—Greeter!”  -Same ol’ Grandma.

I would talk with Dean later.  For now I was concerned with something else.  Still not sure that I had died, I wasn’t feeling all that good about ‘being abducted’ and now standing on a stump, so I asked Grandma if I could come up there on the balcony with them.  Grandma looked surprised that I asked to get up there.  The deep chasm separated us.

Grandma questioned “Up here?  Are you sure you want up here?”  Again she asked as she looked over my shoulder at Gabriel.  Grandma was unsure of how to answer until she received an indication from behind me on what to do next.


My preachers didn’t have a sure answer of what the halo was in some pictures of saints.  God was allowing some detective work over the line of death to answer more of those earlier questions.  Eventually I would see one reason why I should not have joined them on the balcony.  Here too, angels have miraculous abilities.

I was principally unaware time was of an essence on this journey.  Receiving direction from Gabriel after I asked to be with them, Grandma replied to my question, saying, “Yes.  Just believe yourself into the light.”  Quickly, with what was going to be ‘my best effort’, I BELIEVED!

I was surprised as I went flying up to the entrance of the halo at such a speed as if falling from a roof to the ground.  This ‘believing’ seems similar to what happened at 12 years old in my first time across the line of death when I ‘wanted’ to visit Grandma at home.

John 10:17  With commandment from the Father, Jesus had power to lay His life down and power to take it up again

Ps 103:19  The Lord hath prepared His throne in the heavens, and His Kingdom ruleth over all

At the entrance of the halo, I felt my motion change abruptly as if flatly sticking to a more slowly moving invisible wall and being pulled inside.  I was looking down to my right and saw the balcony with Grandma and Dean now turned and watching me enter the light.  The two ‘young’ angels were about to land on the balcony, becoming visible with grandeur as they stepped onto it.

I started saying, “It worked!” but before I could finish that short sentence, I was drawn inside the walls of what now seemed to be a large barrel (or tunnel) of light.  It seems the angels would be putting Grandma and Dean into the barrel of light after me to continue to another destination.

I could barely see them on the balcony now, as I glided inside the barrel that appeared like double walled glass all around with multicolored flames rotating between the walls.  The texture of the flames was like what I had known as sparkler fireworks.

Not wanting to impose too much on Our Father and His ways at 10 years old, I said that I didn’t want to go all the way to Heaven in the two death experiences.  I was trying my best to be unselfish and would leave that for someone else.  I wanted to know the details in this experience, and about the halo, but I asked to just step over the line and then come back!


Still turned to my right and with my face to the north inside the barrel of light, I had the sensation of floating into a bright tunnel, but just after entering, I would hear a loud noise and there would be a rapid change. The thunderous crunching sound was like huge cast-iron gears grinding and crushing in the heavens above me.

I would notice the wall quickly resembling a darker pearl from what seemed like compacted smoke from the fire that had been around the circular wall.  The wall then appeared to break away beside me and become only flowing smoke quickly matching with the clouds.  I started noticing landmarks and the land in the distance looked slightly familiar.

After the noise had sounded for about four seconds, I heard Gabriel say, “They’re calling you back.  Don’t be afraid.”  The barrel, (all that was left of the halo/tunnel) which had been like light rotating around me, began bucking and descending.  To the right was another large building.  It was another school, a quarter mile away across a landfill.  It would be in the news two years later with a mystery of its own.  Could there be a relation to what was happening now?  I asked about such things in the prayers.

Was I scared?  Let me put it this way; during those first four seconds, a crash seemed inevitable and seeing no one at the front of this with me, I was determined to ‘survive’ and go for help for any others that might be behind me.  The reason this part of the story is included is because it shows a good example to a request I made in the special prayers when I wanted to know of any relativity that God would show between things of Heaven and Earth.

Their later concern seemed to be because my soul would touch the hot wall of the barrel.  I would carry that mark back to my body (and it remained visible for 20 years).

I already had a plan and was countering every move of the barrel as I glimpsed my angel momentarily beside me saying that I didn’t have to do that.  In my mind there could be no time to weigh another thought.

As the barrel tipped toward the ground, I descended backward, floating to the end where I had entered the halo.  Carrying through with my plan as the barrel touched the ground, I jumped backward just at the time the barrel came to a steady halt.  My right elbow touched the inside of the halo’s hot barrel on the rapid exit.

Curiously, back in the hospital, I had the small burn at the same spot on the elbow on my physical body.  I first noticed the coincidence and slight burn discomfort while still in the hospital ICU unit, but did not fully make the connection on how it happened.

I told the nurse about the elbow when asked about discomfort anywhere.  I also had a lesser discomfort to my right index finger that had gone through the hot pipe of the coffee maker.  The nurse looked closely at the elbow and said it could not have happened at the hospital.  The mark looked to be ‘deep into’ the skin ‘as if the blending of soul and body’.



Jumping backward, I fell to the ground at the downward slope of the hill where a mimosa tree was growing.  From outside, the barrel now looked like a 30 to 40 foot long white metal cylinder angled as if tipped from the back of a truck.

Still lying on the ground, and before I saw the angels behind them, I caught a glimpse of Grandma and Dean descending to the ground at top of the hill.  Dean’s hands were across his chest and Grandma’s were to side as they were being set down.  Unlike the souls of Grandma and Dean, the two angels were first unseen but made themselves transparently visible with splendor as the souls neared the ground.

My eyes seemed to ‘blur’ as I saw the angels set them to the ground on flowers that still stood where they were being placed.  As they were being set off of the angels’ moccasins, it reminded me of the way early model elevators stopped just before floor level and then moved slightly to be level with the floor.  I looked eye-to-eye with one of the angels behind them.  His eyes showed quiet compassion, as did the eyes of the other angel.

As the two angels backed away, they turned toward the stump, waved their wings a couple of times, and then became totally unseen while they lifted off.  They were returning to their previous positions, awaiting another soul with faith, which would be coming their way in just a few minutes.


As I started to get up from the ground, Gabriel came toward me and offered to help me to my feet, but I was feeling all right and told him I could get up by myself.  They all seemed somewhat relieved that I would get up without accepting help.  Maybe my scrape with the wall could have been worse.

Getting to my feet, I stood where the Mimosa tree was, near the edge of a field and about 20 feet away from Grandma and Dean.  There was an abundance of golden daisies all around the field.  I had not seen such beauty of color.  At this time, if I had seen all colors of people, I may not have realized we were of one world.

I tried to brush back a limb of the mimosa tree that appeared in front of my eyes because of a breeze.  As I started the second attempt, I knew it was useless and stepped away from it.  Grandma watched with a look of, “You’re catching on.”

Not being one to ask a lot of questions, I was still confused as to the realm of life I was in.  No one had plainly told me that my body was dead and that I had left it behind, nor had they said that I was in Heaven.  I still had very mixed thoughts.  Past a rise of the hill, a bus (with Mt. Carmel Baptist Church written on it) went by, and appeared as just floating along.  I wasn’t hearing the distant sound that I normally would.

Grandma bent down and picked a flower and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the exact image of the flower ‘separate’ from our physical dimension flower.  Watching one flower unexpectedly become two made me blink to refocus my eyes.

Their clothing was of up-to-date style and I wondered if they chose their clothing the way she picked that flower.  That is how ‘the lady’ did it (as if by believing and receiving) in the dress shop in 1950!  (in ‘Two Preparatory Manifestations’ story)


Dean introduced himself.  I had never talked to him at the racetrack but I knew him by the nickname of ‘Dean’.  He looked no older than when I last saw him in his physical life, maybe younger.

Dean said, “I died yesterday in the same ICU you were in.”  I told him that I heard a bell go off a few hours before mine.  He looked at Grandma and they shook their heads in agreement as he said, “Yeah.  That was me.”  By sleeping through most of my worsening pain with heavy sedation, I was not sure how much time had passed.

I asked, “Are you going to get to go to your funeral?”  Dean must have known that his funeral would not be soon.  He looked saddened, as if thinking of his loved ones.  Unsure with my question, he looked over my shoulder at Gabriel, and then said, “Yeah.  An angel is going to take me.”

God knew that I would eventually know more concerning the funeral that would be more than two years away.  An ICU nurse would later confirm the earlier bell was for Dean with a nod and indication of wondering how I knew this.



I wasn’t thinking in our physical-earth terms now, but leaning just slightly toward ‘a more heavenly thinking’.  My mouth was so dry that I would try to save words with an action.  I thought I could discover from Grandma’s reaction if there were ‘enemies’ wherever this was.  After all, Grandma wouldn’t have expected any different from this grandson when she was with us.

Looking to the sky, I moved my head as if watching something fly from the sky and land in the vicinity of the school custodian.  Maybe Grandma was on to my prank.  She did look, but saw the custodian near where I was looking, and said “Oh.  That’s just somebody that ‘lives’ over there.”  My thinking at the time was that the nearby school resembled apartments and I incorrectly took her words to mean ‘somebody that lives in that condominium in Heaven’.



Gabriel asked if I wanted to give Grandma a hug and kept suggesting that I do it quickly.  I stepped closer, and bent over to give her a last long hug. As I hugged, I gave a few pats between the shoulders and noticed that her ‘order of’ clothing was exactly as it would have been in our physical world.

As I gave Grandma an increasingly tighter hug for all she had done for me in her life, I sensed her make a motion to Gabriel with her arms.  From what she would be telling me as we left, its general meaning must have been, “He didn’t ask questions, so how do I give answers from The Lord that he asked for at 10 years old?”

For a third time from behind me, Gabriel said, “They are calling you back.”  He went on to say, “This is not your time to join us unless you choose to.  Do you want to stay?”  I knew that if I returned, I had better make a fast decision.  I thought about the risk of not coming back.  I quickly weighed the option and chose to return to my body at the hospital.

Grandma then told me that I could come back when I had lived my life out.  I was surprised that she could tell me that, and I turned to get confirmation from Gabriel behind me.  Grandma asked, “Can he?”  Knowing something that I was then unaware of, Gabriel’s response was, “I don’t see a problem with that.”  WHEW!!!

I remembered nothing about my special early prayers and didn’t think to ask about anything I was supposed to do in life for The Lord.  God had remembered me, but it still wasn’t time for the testimony and for my work to be assembled.  I had absolutely no idea that a surprise anointing for miraculous healings was awaiting ‘my work’.



By doing more observing than questioning, I had not provided Grandma an opportunity to give answers about some of the strange things I had asked of God in the 1950 prayers.  She found a way to do her part.  Nothing is ever a mystery to God.  Study The Bible to find truth or consequences.  Narrow-is-the-path-that-leads-to-life.  The ‘broadened’ path leads to destruction.

From beside me in the weeds, Gabriel tugged for me to come on, and guided me along a path to the bottom of the hill while I waved good-bye and listened to Grandma give me a message for one of her children.  I’ll give you a summation of that message.  I was told of a Christian whose Sunday school class invited a non-Christian to tell of another religion.  The ‘Christian’ became infatuated with ‘one’ part of the other belief and ‘hoped to design their own Christianity’ to incorporate that part.

Astonished, I must have asked, “Really?” as I looked back and caught a glimpse of Gabriel with his eyes turned toward me, looking as if encouraging me to ask about the ‘lost soul’.  Gabriel of course, knew my every thought.  Fearing too much knowledge in the details, I didn’t ask questions to define what I was hearing, but if God had not provided something here, I would not have written of it.  The Lord wants us with Him in eternity.  I’ll take assurance and insurance with the Written Policy of The Holy Christian Bible.

Grandma continued talking and ended by telling of a visit she and Dean had made, as she gave him a questioning look as to whether there had been darkness since the visit.  God has many facets and will give salvation of eternal life to anyone who will believe The Holy Christian Bible as it is written and without variance.  (Whether the story’s on this site are useful to you or not-) Hold strictly to The Bible to guide your belief.


As Gabriel and I reached the bottom of the hill, he paused and asked if I knew how we were to prepare for the flight.  I think he was giving me a chance to ask questions.  At the time, I didn’t think I should be asking questions, so I answered, “I stand on top of your shoes?”  He said, “That’s right.”

I expected to see those pointed shoes, but I looked at them and they were now flat on top and shaped similar to ‘moc-toe’ shoes with no point to them.  They now appeared to be size 9W and instead of the soft leather I had seen in the hall, these were like black slate on top.

I could not see the parts of the undisturbed grass where Gabriel’s form and clothing took its space.  I saw what seemed to be the last of the morning dew evaporating from where he stood and drifting skyward like thin threads of steam coming through the dark top of his shoe.

((When I was young, I had to wait for the dew to leave the ground before I could go outside to play. Curious at moments while waiting and watching the dew from our physical dimension, I was baffled at how it just slowly disappeared.  I asked about the dew in the miraculous prayers and God remembered.))


I stepped onto Gabriel’s shoes and we lifted off for the return flight to the hospital.  I was determined to get one last look at that balcony from the backside of it.  As I started to turn my head in that direction, Gabriel commanded, “Go to sleep.”  In my first special prayer at 10 years old, I had taken a peek to see Gabriel and I had not now outgrown peeking.  Thinking I was fooling my angel, I let my head drop slowly as if getting comfortable for the sleep while still turning for a quick look.

I did not notice if anything was leaning against the fence when we first arrived.  The form of the balcony was still there but now it looked like a black wooden military revue stand with leg braces across the middle.  It was tilted against the chain-link backstop at the same place and angle that I had viewed the balcony scene.  No wonder Grandma hesitated when I asked to get up there!

The void that encircled this as a balcony and that seemed to separate realms was not observed from where we were now.  We rose about 15 feet off the ground, and then I closed both eyes and instantly fell asleep for the return trip.


Now arriving back on hospital property, Gabriel stopped briefly in a driveway. As I awoke, Gabriel was behind me, stepping me up onto the sidewalk.  No cloud was obstructing the sun now and it seemed that I felt the heat of the day from the pavement and concrete.

As I awoke while taking the step, there was an instant thought of Grandma’s old feather bed and the one time I remembered sleeping in it as a small child.  I was noticing what seemed to be the slight odor of my perspiration on feathers.

Also at this time, Gabriel said, “Look up!” but there was a big black car heading toward his wings that were spread all across the driveway behind him.  Before I could turn to warn him, he again directed me to look up.  Sleepy, but half way realizing then that he was an angel, I figured he could take care of himself and I had better do what he said.

As Gabriel pointed up, I looked up as instructed just in time to see an all-white angel flying out of the wall at the top floor of the hospital.  The angel was carrying the soul of a frail person in a white hospital gown.  The sagging soul was drawn close under the angel and they were headed in the same direction that Gabriel and I had gone.  This sight reminded me of the old tale of a stork delivering a baby (A teacher had said that story came from someone’s similar experience. -interpreted differently.  I wanted to see what had been seen.)

I asked Gabriel, “Why is that angel white?”  Gabriel said, “That is his belief.”

I was being reminded of something else.  Twice in the 1940’s I heard preachers tell a story of someone saying they knew what their death angel would look like and carried the angel’s picture in their billfold.  They then showed the picture on a dollar bill.  In all stoic detail, this white angel looked like George Washington’s picture on a dollar bill.  The frail soul with only a few long gray hairs looked old enough to be that person in the story the preachers told.

The angel’s wings appeared to be connected from behind the shoulders down to the calves of the legs.  The flight, speed, and grace of that angel were like those of a very large bird.  In flight with wings extended, the angel looked diagonally squared from wing tip to wing tip and from the toes to the wing joints that extended forward past the angel’s head.

There were pods of large feathers on the tips of the angel’s wings that looked floppy when the angel thrashed the wings.  My interest in the pods was as if I was near and above them looking down.  I then heard Gabriel saying that was enough.


From my turning view of the white angel, it seems Gabriel took hold of me around my waist and my head dropped.  Keeping my eyes on the white angel, I watched him fly off in the distance even as Gabriel and I flew from the sidewalk to inside the hospital wall.  As I was refocusing to where we were, we flew through the corner of an office, then up (mostly within the walls of two floors), lastly through a steel truss in the ceiling between floors where a workman’s light bulb lit the loft area.

We came to a stop near the light bulb, (seemingly) only a few feet away.  I could see what looked to be a large air conditioning unit and a smaller metal box the size of a trunk.  Gabriel repositioned me with my head to his right and my head went into a fully lighted room.  I looked back once and saw Gabriel kneeling atop the steel truss we had just flown through.  He was crouched on his right knee and the large wings flowed down the truss like a long cape behind him.

Gabriel was holding me in position by my right ankle and right forearm with his left knee pressed to my side.  He looked as if he was supporting all my weight but I’m sure that he was in deep concentration with God and God’s timing.

Gabriel stopped what he was doing and sternly commanded me; “Look down.”  With my face below the ceiling, I could see that I was in the corner of a room in ICU looking at a body that three nurses were working on.   One nurse hurriedly left the room trying to hold back tears.  I had been away from the body for a good while now, but Almighty God had been caring for it.  Thank you Lord.

Knowing it was my body that I was looking at and realizing I would be ‘going back in’; I hoped Gabriel would not send me back during one of those electric shocks that the male nurse was administering to the chest.  The other nurse was leaning over the chest of the body with her back to the corner where I watched.  They looked tired as if that might have been their last try at getting my heart going again.

Suddenly I saw my soul as a white powdery human form (‘dust’) in an also white powdery gown drop (face down) from where I was observing and go racing at the speed of a falling physical body through the nurse, and toward the body on the bed.  The image appeared to dissolve approximately 12 to 18 inches from the body as it rushed to join with the body.

At the moment that form would re-enter my body, my being of on the ceiling ceased to exist there as my thinking and sight, my spirit, fell in the same angled path and at the same rate of speed as the powdery image I had watched.

Immediately after my spirit went into the body I felt my soul along with the spirit making a grinding turn, lasting about 3 seconds, to be face up and matching to the body.  I then opened my eyes in the physical body.  The nurses gave a noticeable sigh of relief and surprise.


I tried to look past the nurse over me, to where Gabriel had held me.  I tried to wave good-bye for now, but I couldn’t lift my body, as it was being held down by safety restraints.

One nurse took this action of readjustment to being back as wildness and positioned a syringe with a huge needle over his head with both hands ready to plunge it toward my heart.  With a suddenly induced realization and calmness from the threat of that needle, I calmly laid back while giving a quick wink, a nod, and smile to each nurse.

Just seconds after returning to my physical body, I noticed the throbbing pain was gone.  From coming back to the life in this world, and all the body had been through, they had seen a miracle and I sure had too.  Thank you Lord for being in control.

Afterward, the nurses knew I was still excited about something.  I couldn’t talk because of the tubes in my throat.  It was another day or so before I could ask if I had died and about the other bell that was for Dean.  That’s when a surprised nurse gave confirmation to my questions.

The doctor’s conclusion was that with my clinical death, the blood had found a new route during the release from, and the relaxing of my physical body.  All I had been through was set in motion when I was 10 years old and done by The Lord without leaving any damage to my heart or need of medication after leaving the hospital.

Except for God’s miraculous promise, I have not had a heart problem.  The Lord works miracles and is unlimited in the ways He can work.  Put your faith and trust in Jesus your Christ!

Ec 3:1,2  To everything there is a season; a time to be born and a time to die
Ps 121:2  My help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth
Ps 100:3  We are the sheep of His pasture
John 10:17  With commandment from the Father, Jesus had power to lay His life down and power to take it up again

Soon realizing that I knew the vicinity where this had taken place, I thought one day before long, I would find time to look for it, but I didn’t.  Several years later my job required that I go to the same location ‘at’ the batting cage.  As I turned to leave, I noticed the similarity of the tree line to the one in my 2nd death experience.  I looked all around and recognized this was the spot where it had taken place.

A few more years passed and I went back and took pictures, but by then the cage had been removed and the area was overgrown. I waded through brush and over logs and pointed the camera where we seemed to be headed and took the picture. I found the lens was centered on the northern point of Lookout Mountain where there is a small national park


In 1950 I had asked for tips, hints, or information on another strange thing I had heard about.  By now, you might have suspected that I would have asked about “flying saucers”.

Acts 26:12,13  Paul told of a great light from the sky shining around him and around those with him
Ezek 1:4-25 (popular example of UFO in the bible)

Two years after my second experience over the line of death, there was UFO activity around Chattanooga for several nights in October 1973, and especially in that Alton Park area.  The unusual activity was seen by many people here and made for headline stories for days.  The local story was included in a book (‘Situation Red  /or/ Condition Red’) about clusters of UFO activity around the nation that year and concluded that these showed a particular interest around schoolyards.

I then lived much closer to Lookout Mountain.  One night at dusk, others and I looked up and saw a large white light slowly moving in a straight line over the mountain.  It stopped over the north end, over Point Park, the small national park.

Within a few seconds, four small red lights exited the larger light and there seemed to be an agenda as they headed toward different parts of southeast Tennessee.  One descended immediately, gliding to Alton Park below.  From other people’s positions close to the object (described to me as several feet away), they told of seeing orange flames underneath.

That was a busy night for police and reporters.  There were stories of one bumping and burning a tree at the school across the landfill, and of one landing near the school road, just yards from a public housing complex.

As we watched, someone asked “Why are they here?”  I can’t tell you why, but all this curious activity took place at and within ¼ mile of where I was taken in death and entered the halo’s barrel, or ‘tunnel”.  If it were important that we know more about such things as this, God would have sent more.  Thank you Lord, for everything.

In the 1990’s I talked to an Alton Park resident that showed me where one of the UFO’s had landed between the public housing complex and his house next to the school yard.  His was the only house in the area with hunting dogs.  Over a period of time, I told him the story of his hound (that I observed reacting to the angels’ action during my death) and some of the other stories.

THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM / of Mat. 2:1-15

(Someone of astronomy, or physics has calculated that a certain star might have led the three wise men to Bethlehem at Jesus’ birth.  I relate here, an inspiring exhibition of the super-natural in the sky, with the star that led the wise men in finding Jesus.)

A light in the sky over central Florida in 1969 made me think of the star of Bethlehem of The Bible.  In 1950 I asked for tips on just such things, and I did mention this subject.

On the night before the launch of the first men to walk on the moon, I was fishing with several people in Florida.  I looked up and saw a large ‘globe’ of light coming from the direction of Cape Canaveral, moving slowly across the sky.  Getting a tug on the fishing line, I looked away for a moment and didn’t see the light when I looked again.

The next night, an hour after the launch, I looked up and again saw the light coming from the same direction, and watched it with a dozen others (mostly relatives).  This time we wouldn’t take our eyes off it.  It stopped overhead and began to shrink to a tiny spot of light, then changed to a 5-point star in the semblance of man.  Within a few seconds, it steadily grew (toward us) to about 30 times larger, and then held the form stationary in the sky for more than 20 seconds.

Keeping the configuration, the light shrank again until it became small and changed again to being round and then purple in color as it made its next move.  It then wobbled as if swiftly moving into the heavens while giving the appearance of disintegrating like a seltzer tablet in water, seeming, to me, to leave our present and more familiar dimension of reality.

God is mighty, and has many ways of confirming things to us too.  Several years later I told a repairman in Tennessee about this and he was glad to know someone else had seen what he had seen and would talk to him about it.  He and his Florida fishing buddies had seen this at another time but they would not discuss it with him or anyone.  None of the dozen people I was with, yet with their eyes fixed on the phenomenon, found words to comment on it.  God is unlimited; and He is in control.

Random notes


One request in the miraculous conversations as a 10 year old was to experience flying. All my requests were agreed to and in my ‘first death’ I did experience flying. This promised (and apparently) ‘solo’ flying experience, as far as I know, might be unique to anyone experiencing the after-life.


In my first ‘death’, I ‘encountered’ 3 lights in the dark attic. I can now only guess that injections were made near each tooth even though I was put to sleep for the procedure. I only theorize here for research interests (as I have experienced the separation of soul & spirit), those lights could have been caused from sensitivity by the soul, to the 3 injections, but not necessarily an awareness of that in the mind of spirit.


I have not recalled the appearance of clothing where it met the wings on an angels’ back, so maybe that was too bewildering to distinguish and remember an edge of the clothing there.  Perhaps that would appear similar to the description of the wings dragging in the hallway, without a “margin” where the wings went through the walls.


From experience and an after-death conversation, what seems to sometimes happen, especially in a traumatic death, is that we quickly leave the vicinity of the collapsed body before an angel arrives.

Another matter had delayed my special angel at my 2nd death (on purpose, for me to experience God’s answers to my requests).  I was a ‘saved Christian early in life’, but my angel had to track me down, and I was warned about walking away.   Beliefs, if any, by the said-to-be ghosts before their passing, (or “souls detached from the spirit”) would be an interesting study.


Could it be that we all become “basically” the age appearance of Jesus when He arose?  Tommy was still growing, and my grandmother and Gene appeared to be back to their 30’s.  The best picture taken of myself was about a couple of years after my 2nd death, but the studio would not sell it because of a ‘first that they had seen defect’ that appeared to be a lightning bolt across it, and that makes me think God was giving a clue to my age appearance in Heaven.

BIRTH; a teacher’s answer

A teacher in the 1940’s answered my question this way: The reason we don’t remember our (spirit) existance in heaven, is because the spirit is consumed in learning control in and of the baby (body & soul) it is born into.

I don’t know if the UFO’s were doing work to God’s favor other than being under God’s watch and control to let us know ‘something about flying saucers’.  I have no further answer for the UFO action unless (finally, a place for humor) I can add a thought of them being here to repair the halo/tunnel.

God was (to me) in unimagined control over everyone and everything in giving answers to my 1950 questions and requests.  This fulfilled my request of God, to know a little something of His secrecy that He was willing to share, but often I have thought there could be nothing else to remember; then something else was recalled.  God’s Son is the way to God’s heart!


I have since seen the very same picture (design) of this light used as a (now previous) TVA corporate logo, and later as another corporation’s logo. It is also similar (in stance) to an engraving on a brass plate that NASA sent on a rocket ‘to the end of the universe’ in their early space exploration. – There is a living God; don’t leave Him out of anything!

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