II Chr 6:18  Heaven and the heaven of heavens has no limits with God
Is 45:7  I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things
Is 45:12  I have made the earth and created man upon it and stretched out the heavens and all their hosts have I commanded
Rom 13:1,2  For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained by God
Creation Special & The Shroud Story

(February 2006) This page was started January 2004, just before recalling the June 1950 requests ‘for us to find Jesus’ Face on Mars’ and to see ‘a dove descending on Jesus.’ Dated additions show these marvels returning to my memory. (Jesus’ one-and-same example for His-Shroud-and-Mars-Face is in Selected Miracles.)

On this special day I wondered why I was looking down on a chocolate color desert (land) and seeing ‘a white bird drifting in flight’. The CREATION then appeared before me ‘in the twinkle of an eye’ as if God just spoke it into existence! I have seen heights, literally, of His Might.

Here is the memory returning, for what has become the Creation page with many memory notes added:

I would like to expand here on my observation of Jesus in the 1950 visions. The trauma of His crucifixion would cause changes to the body. The face on the shroud resembles our sacrificed Christ, Jesus as He twice stretched His face in purposeful animation during the first prayer visions and in the last prayer visions when He looked to see if I was watching where Gabriel pointed before ‘posing’ for a deep breath, then stepping outside. He made this opportunity so we will know AND recognize Him!

The 1976 photograph (one enhanced version) of what seems to be a time worn face on Mars closely resembles Jesus as I noticed His jaw set in seriousness as He slammed His door to the man and again when He looked me over. In the prayer visions, that were two weeks apart, Jesus hair had grown normally for the two weeks without being cut. The ‘wooly hair’ around the picture of ‘the face on Mars’ is identical to Jesus’ hair. In a shadow is the full hair length I saw.

Recalled and posted February 2004, Re: Hebrews 1:10-12) Will science find the deteriorating (1.5 X 1.2 X .3 mile) ‘face on Mars’ to be ancient or formed in the mid-20th century and frequently changing? To me, 1998 and 2001 photo’s show the same mountain as decaying or settling and quickly losing resemblance to a face.

Granted ‘special-impossible’/miracles in the 1950 prayers, I asked that we would see ‘Jesus’ face on Mars’. In response, Gabriel said “Open your eyes;\ I want you to see something.” As instructed, until I needed to draw my next breath, I was in vacuumed silence above the mountainous, then perfectly formed face of Jesus. Instantly I was drawn back by Gabriel and viewed ‘the face’ at ‘a window’ beside him ‘within this interactive-vision’. I wanted to go closer, but Gabriel said “No.” I asked ((twice)) to be the one to identify the face and was told, “That’s a possibility.”

Mat 28:18  All power is given to Jesus in heaven and in earth
Ps 150:2  Praise Him according to His mighty acts and His greatness

Posted March 10, 2004, Re: the 1998 Mars Face photo) The Face no longer resembles Jesus, but God leaves this enigma of John 1:32-34 for communication to His Greatness (His Glory): God’s creation on the frozen planet was only a few seconds old as I looked past debris that moved like flies (erratically swarming) and lighting on The Face. One enormous pure white rock moved like a dove drifting, as if high over The Faces’ left side.

Next viewing The Face from ‘the window’, with Gabriel interested in my reaction here, I looked past what I had thought was a white dove as the suddenly obvious leading edge of rock snagged The Face on the ((upper)) lip, and (moving as like in slow motion) unwaveringly scraped it’s way up The Face beside the nose, forcing a shower of debris toward the forehead before stopping just over the eye. As the trailing mass of the rock was gradually touching down, I hoped it would be low enough in time for the mid curve of the rock to catch at the nose before the leading edge destroyed the eye of the beautifully created Face. The nose of The Face became like ‘plowed soil’ (for about 1/8th mile) before bringing the trailing end of the rock down more quickly as evidenced by its (appx. 1/8th mile) descending impression in the photo. There was no obvious ‘dust’ with the June 1950 creation and ‘dove’ sequence.

I Kings 8:27  The heaven and heaven of heavens cannot constrain God
I Kings 8:39  God knows the hearts of all the children of men
I Chron 16:30  Fear before him, all the earth; the world also shall be stable, that it not be moved

Knowledge and wisdom prevailed over my desire to leave footprints at the wall of The Face. ((March insert: Thinking of weekly conducted writing in the sky, one miracle request was that Our Father write frequent love letters from Heaven. Around the world frequent ‘crop circles’ since June 1950 ((discovered in Brazil)) are opinioned by many to be beautiful letters from a higher power! And what typical suspect would not request God to create more mystery monster sightings for us in far-off places? Our Creator shows His Living Power in all things and His Word is Truth.)) Old-time phrases motivated some miracle-requests and ‘The man in the moon’ inspired my request for ‘Jesus’ face on Mars’.

I had also requested to see ‘the dove (of John 1:32) descending on Jesus’. More of ‘the doves’ wing’ (the rock) is under soil, underneath the mouth of The Face. The rock that can be clearly seen (and is ((totally)) white) would have a covering of soil from the progressive landing and/or dust from another season. ‘The rock dove’ seems not to be ice, as the leading edge is still where I watched it stop. The rocks’ edge seems to have helped preserve the eye. Is the wall ‘of the hair material’ also related to that rock? Why did God, in His Incomparable Wisdom, save ‘*this’ until this time?

((*added 2010:  Around 1998, a few years before I remembered this, some media offered $1,000,000 to ‘anyone proving how the face got there’.  There was much thought about an ancient civilization there, but after the 1998 picture showed ‘the soil’ of the face had changed, it was declared that ‘media’s time of interest in the face, and that of the public was over’.))

Can you begin to imagine the guidance (yes, even in this) of The Spirit to so many for this profound ‘possibility’ to be seen within one lifetime as requested? God is living and infinite! Miracles are accomplished with prayer, and a Christian nation is with favor of God.

((February 2006 – The reason with Gabriel’s answer is clear. The last NASA pictures show increased changes to the Created mountain that was the perfectly sculptured face. Pictures can be compared to realize the rate of decomposition/terrain-change in that area of Mars since June 1950.))

If uncommon DNA were found on ‘the shroud’, perhaps it would affirm at least one of my notations in the books physical description of Jesus ((on the Selected Miracles page)). The Bible notes these characteristics with poetic-interpretative words. Jesus is THE Son of Father God who is incarnated to us – (also/co-existing) WITH – His Son’s body ((consider: just as His representative Holy Ghost can come into us and be as one, as experienced and told in Selected Miracles)).

With Jesus’ sacrifice, a way was made where ‘the Comforter, even the Spirit of truth (John 15:26)’ may come to us (John 14:15-31, 16:7-15), and we may go to Him. Decide/declare now, that your faith is in Jesus. Speak to God, using the name of Jesus, and tell Him you want to be saved to His Kingdom. He’s been waiting for you. He will hear. He won’t forget you. Just don’t-you-forget about Jesus. Take it on yourself to learn more about your salvation, your destination, and keeping in touch with your Lord. Saved by your faith in His grace, now discover available rewards. Keys are in The Bible!

“Jesus/Father, my work has been presented ready for YOUR miraculous healings and revival to begin. Thank you for all that is given.”
There have been great signs from Heaven.
The Lord’s return is nearing!

Ps 113:4  The Lord that dwelleth on high humbleth Himself to behold things that are in heaven and in the earth
Prov 5:21  The ways of man are before the eyes of The Lord, and He pondereth all his doings
Deut 5:29  Oh that they would fear and keep commandments
Jer 17:5  Cursed is the man that trust in man, and make flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord
Amos 9:2  Caution to explorations above and below
Ps 66:7  He ruleth by His power forever; His eyes behold the nations, let not the rebellious exalt themselves

Random Notes & more stories!

This surprisingly deep site, surprising even to me, reaches out to many interests. The marvel information is a ministry that I suggested ‘in prayer’ more than ½ century ago. Hopefully, my questions and presumptions about the marvels are clear and helpful in some way.

One thing I asked for was “miraculous knowledge to astonish great minds” (and “enough wisdom to do the job”). If you also have a friend or colleague of great mind, please recommend the amazing stories of Major Marvels at majormarvels.com

There are ways I could define the appearance of Jesus for accurately composing The Face as it was before the rock dove sequence and it’s shifting of material, and for comparing it with The Shroud. Jesus first ‘exhibited’ His right profile in the first vision. For an ‘official’ with a need to know, send an e-mail for face profile information; ‘there’s more information (than is on this site) you absolutely should have’ before the next attempted likeness construction. Also see the added story of ‘Jesus’ Face Profile’ in Random Notes

Here is my #1 best ((published)) effort to a way of confirming the likeness of Jesus’ face: In the 1990’s an (nationally selling) artist advertised prints locally (in Chattanooga, Tennessee) with (said to be -and was) the likeness to Jesus’ face. The painting was advertised as having been calculated by using numbers from computer readings taken from The Shroud of Turin. Color choices (3 of them!) were the only inaccuracies that I recall with the picture in the newspaper ad. There’s more concerning colors on this site.

Connecting The Face on Mars (as I first witnessed it), and the above mentioned artist’s computer aided print, plus, with my stated privileges in 1950 of seeing Jesus (without a beard), I state here emphatically “Yes”, those faces were of the same person and THEY definitely were The Face of Jesus! I hope I have given enough details so that the computer readings from The Shroud Face can be the guide in matching Jesus’ Face on Mars as it was, perfect, in the first seconds after it’s Created form. God is great and mighty!

Don’t dismay that a mountain on another planet has changed so quickly. We are to believe The Bible and have faith in Jesus’ return. I suspect the sky will open between dimensions similar to what I experienced with the balcony scene in my second death. The ‘invisible curtain’ between realms could be ready to open.

Ex 34:14  Thou shall worship no other god
Ps 96:5  For all the gods of nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens
Ps 147:5  Gods understanding is infinite
Ps 115:16  The earth hath He given to the children of men
Col 1:10  Increase in the knowledge of God

From some way, and probably by conversation, I knew at the time where this was taking place. My view of The Face was from the same direction (orbit?) as where the 1976 orbiter photographs were taken. As I first saw ‘the rock dove’ (all of this from above), I quickly resolved that it was a bird poised with its sight locked on something (far) below.

I was taught that Mars could sustain no life, but by ‘seeing the birds’ perfect form’ and slight waving motion of (particularly noticing) the left wing, I could only think (a 10 year-old’s error) that ‘the bird was drifting’ on an air current that we didn’t know about, just like it would be on Earth. Probably because of being in that dimension which I noticed in my 2nd death as being like looking at a photograph, I had first thought the ‘bird/dove’ was mid-way or closer to me than to the ground.

My school books theorized about the lines on planets, and from witnessing ‘the rock dove’ and the debris landing just after God’s Creation of The Face of Jesus on Mars, I agree that lines photographed on a relatively level planet surface could be caused by meteoroids (rocks) sliding across the surface where conditions are such as Mars.

If the divinely designed slow-moving rock (dove) had been on level terrain, I’m confident it could have ‘dozed’ a wide, and then (in this case), an even wider path for a few miles. The way that area of the planet has changed so quickly (in my lifetime), a meteoroid causing such lines would probably be covered within a few years.

Some surface marks may be formed by space debris hitting at varied angles. For this theory I will further describe the Creation’s debris as it landed in the distance below like (‘drunken’) flies. In particularly noticing two pieces of debris: One piece landed and slowly spun and slightly danced-around in a “c” pattern before stopping. Another (slightly bigger ‘fly’) piece of debris landed and turned/danced-around two or three times at its landing spot and then took off again toward the mouth of the face and landed at least once more before ‘the rock dove’ first touched the upper lip area.

The ‘body of the rock dove’ now covers this area (but wasn’t noticeable in the latest NASA photograph that I saw) of the face that held my interest at the moment of impact. Movement of large space rocks would cause interesting patterns if they twist as they hit, like I witnessed. So, couldn’t brittle and disintegrating meteoroids cause the look of a river and tributaries?

From my observation point, the leading under-edge of ‘the dove rock’ seemed to be straight-across and clearing the ground on The Face like a dozer blade precisely by/at/against the side of the nose. Impact at the nose and the trailing ‘wing’ as it dug under the mouth, caused those face features to shift to the (faces’ right) side of the newly formed face making the nose look wider. I wondered why God had gone to all the trouble to let me see this for just moments, and then He was about to destroy it. With that orchestrated-near-destruction, He gets more glory/notation through more examples of His Complete Power.

All the colors to The Face seemed the same at its Creation as when I first saw Jesus. Although there appeared to be a comfortable brightness to the topside of the contrasting “pure white rock dove” I don’t recall the sun directly brightening the high-mountain Face and surrounding (Cydonia) ground region in June of 1950 as it would on a sunny day on Earth.

In a 2001 NASA photograph, there seems to be an eroded area (since 1950) between the wing and the center of the nose. The dove shaped rock did not touch the nose there, but the leading end of the “wing” slid directly up The Face, coming to a stop with only the slightest of final odd movement from the settling-in of the trailing end of the rock. I was surprised when the nostrils stayed open like caves, and I think we would still wonder why.  ((by 2010, science said soil there is ‘sticky’))

Perhaps calculations can be made from pictures (from the center of the forehead), and from what I have written, to find the width of the nose, possibly still matching with the Shroud. The eyes of The Face are mostly covered with soil now, but maybe (in 2004) not yet thick enough near the pupil to deter robot exploration and find what I have described.

Well, that’s the story from the first soul there. I say soul, because I physically experienced and felt this as with (the soul of) the body and not simply teleportation (?) of just the spirit. Something similar to sonar would prove what I have described about ‘the rock dove’ & The Face. The rock dove is clearly visible in some (of the first) pictures of The Face.

(first two paragraphs updated 2006) Some speculate that formations near The Face are from an ancient city. I suggest: #1) Most likely, that is debris that went flying at the Creation and landed there. Older photographs might be compared for landing angle if that is debris from that Creation.

My main focus was on the interesting debris ‘fly dancing’ toward the mouth, but I now (in 2006) remember Gabriel directing my interest there as I first started to watch at least one (probably the largest) displaced piece slowly moving away from The Face, probably from The Creation’s mid or left forehead area.

#2) Less likely is my original possibility-thought here earlier of that being where God took (suddenly ‘mined’ from?) the differing color of materials to Create The Face. Are nearby Cydonia formations showing change at the same rate as The Face and if so, consider there having been a like-material connection ((many boulders went flying as the Creation appeared and likely are the large stones photographed in the region in 1976)).

All of the ‘colors’ pertaining to Jesus Face appeared exact in the Creation, and it was only at that time (though briefly) that I realized the man I had seen just days before in the 1st prayer vision really was Jesus Himself. Maybe it was mountain height of the Face and sunlight at the height at that time that made the Face seem a little lighter than the surroundings.  ((around mid-day of eastern U.S. earth time))

Cloth fibers and wheat from these two mysteries are said to have microscopic changes from the normal. Are there similar patterns with the two changed materials, and if not, do we know of any single method that would cause the different material’s reactions? Simplistic Brazilian crop circles in June 1950 have been considered as the first ‘by intelligent design’. I have not seen a study on the subject, but statistics should show an increase since 1950 of other mystery sightings’ that are also mentioned in Creation/Shroud story.

(2006) A retired chemist with a Los Alamos National Laboratory connection, found through more recent carbon 14 tests, that the Shroud of Turin could have existed at Jesus’ death. Apparently only ‘through an act of God’ can we see its actual connection to Jesus.  ((2010: There is another ‘guide’ (or ‘test model’) I would share only for re-createing the likeness of Jesus’ ‘fuller‘ face; and from the way Jesus ‘presented’ the features of His face to me in the first 1950 vision, it is NOT with a beard))

The unexpected suddenly materializing caused a momentary focusing surprise for my eyes. To “more deeply describe the silence” there, I was aware of a very low volume, yet, high-pitch ringing that seemed from my inner-self, but that was possibly caused by the exposure to Mars’ gaseous atmosphere while I held my breath out as I was told.

Being ‘drawn back’ to the window was noticeable, taking less than a second (as that happened with my eyes open). God will breach physical law, but not spiritual law.

In 1950 I thought the world could use more excitement. Could it be that God allowed ‘more’ interlopers, possibly from other of Earth’s dimensions? I have asked in prayer that there be no danger from, or to, ‘any that show-up here’ by those requests.

There had been a ridge (mesa) that, from the distance, I thought was a sand dune at or noticably near the ‘instant’ face creation.

Seeing the model for Jesus’ profile and the way the man moved across the t.v. screen reminded me of when I was young. Long before the special prayers, I feared what might be lurking in the dark under my bed.  ((2010: This man, whose name I have not mentioned, would be key in ‘back testing’ the next attempt to reconstruct the face on the Shroud of Turin; then there’s another situation for even more enlightenment but don’t expect those people to ask))

In the 1940’s after a very similar, but not fully manifested man (I now recognize was Jesus) simillarly moved across my room one night, I reasoned that was the only time I had actually seen something like that and He didn’t hurt me. I had no fear in the dark after that. Maybe that was a test of my response to the supernatural. Leave it to Jesus to know how to work things out!

EZEKIEL’S WHEEL? – ‘the transportation’ (ready for posting 7-7-7)
I don’t think I had seen ‘molded plastic’ like this before, but as I looked out the big window at The Face, there was light colored, molded seating (bench and back molded together) under the window and a table or desk seemingly of the same material joined it against the wall where Gabriel stood against the front of it. The wall around the large ‘picture window’ and seating was slightly curved as if we were in a round enclosure.

After writing the first lines in this topic, there now comes an associated memory of re-entering Earth’s atmosphere. The feeling from that development garnered my attention. Apparently Gabriel told me and pointed as this happened and I looked out at (a blue?) Earth already filling a window to my left. I initially leaned to glimpse just a bit of the planets curve through the upper right of this window.

I’m sure I asked how oldest maps of the world were so accurate. This should confirm what many suspected. Another memory on the return is when I looked through the same window to see a planet. That was, to me then, like viewing a marble in a bathtub, and there were a few smaller dark specks in view ((that at first glance, I thought was ‘dirt’ on the corner of the window)).

That evening, time was unaccounted for as Mother soon arrived home from work ((as if she had only been gone an hour or so)). Before The Face Creation, my eyes were closed as was usual during the ‘prayer conversations’, so I was totally unaware of how we arrived there.

Generally known to us as a UFO, I would describe this one as a vessel of God used in these out-of-this-world miracles on that June day in 1950. The sensation from inside this craft re-entering our atmosphere was as if I was inside a fiberglass boat entering somewhat turbulent water (or as like being on a bus slowing and leaving pavement and continuing on a gravel section of road). I am not recalling much sensation of change of sound (from maybe the drone of a propulsion system?).

Whether also in my physical body, I can not determine ((*at this time.  See note: ‘the transforming beam’)); but I do not consider this as like an alien principality’s abduction. God is not limited, and has controlled other events in my life and deaths to miraculously sequence answers I asked for in the ‘early prayer questions’. ‘Helpers’ from God are here, with us and within us (and I sometime feel ‘my part’ of the Spirit is constantly in training) . Jesus is the door. Fear God and love Him!

It is quite likely that I asked about ‘Ezekiel’s wheel’ in the 1950 special prayers, and on this page is the story of ‘a Creation’ from God that I asked to witness. Go to God early in prayer, always keeping Him informed in your life. He can give you, or a nation, a super life. Jesus is the key. -And to please a few, we make laws against our God! Now that is scary.  Get back to God before the point of no return.

Red Sea ships have run aground where archeologists say there is a submerged land bridge. God ‘could have’ made that bridge for the ‘parting of the waters’ as quickly as He did the Mars miracle. The Mars Face was not God’s first miracle Creation!

Bits of memory continue from a guided tour of ‘the craft’ as we returned from the Martian miracle. I do not expect to post more on that partial recall anytime soon ((however, there was to be much more)).

‘The Wheel’ and a very frightened neighbor & the UFO exterior described (4-3-8)
Several weeks after the June 1950 events I talked to a truthful friend across the street near his residence. He lived in an apartment next to his aunt, ‘a frequent informant’ to my mother. He mentioned that just a few (almost 3) months back, his aunt had looked out her window and ‘saw a flying saucer hovering’. I asked where, and he pointed above my house as he focused at Billygoat Hill, a part of our backyard.

As we talked, some thought of the supernatural during those prayers came to mind and I reasoned this likely had something to do with events relating to that special day of the face creation. I asked that we question her, but he was not supposed to tell anyone, and she was still shaken by what (or what all) she had seen (and I don’t suspect she shared the story with my mother this time).
Mark 9:23 (with belief, all things are possible

I probably fell asleep in the last special prayer of 1950 before I was taken onto the craft, so I didn’t see the craft (here, but read on),but was amused at floating (like swimming or falling slowly) down a golden beam of light and seeing the dark underside of the (stealth?) craft when returning home.

(I would have thought a door for this, ‘light beam’ we hear about, would be under the craft but, adding this paragraph of memory late, it was like an invisible elevator touching the ledge. Gabriel instructed me to step onto the beam of light, and I haven’t remembered yet if the window opened or how we passed through to it’s ledge)

((2010:  Gabriel had instructed me to step up and through the window.  I didn’t understand how I could go through a ‘window pane’!  Gabriel took my hand and we stepped through that ‘open’ window.  I looked back, and the window now had no pane to it.))

Unless I looked back just before The Face of Jesus was created on Mars, I did not get a full outside view of ‘this chariot of the angels’ in this special rapture sanctioned of God for giving His multiple answers. More time was given in the trip than was used for all the visions during the two weeks of special prayers.

— Memory returns now of the moment I rapidly looked back to see what I would see of the craft while above Mars. I am guessing there were 4 and more large windows in view, evenly spaced on the round object. Somehow in the Martian environment while I was suspended 100 feet or so from the craft (a very rough estimate), Gabriel was wasting no time (with some resemblance to Mark 9:7) telling me to turn around and keep watching below.

Seeing the space craft in this setting on this day was like a *winter scene of a remote one story lodge at dusk, and I remember no redness to the Martian sky as some had thought there would be. The underbelly made ‘the front porch’ (the window ledges) appear suspended past ‘the basement’ (the darker ‘underpinning’ or underbelly) in the scene.

*((2010 notation:  A more recent report said a ‘Mars rover or an experiment’ has confirmed snow in Mars upper atmosphere and the Martian sky was not red.  I chose to say ‘winter scene’ instead of ‘a snowy scene’.))

Light could be seen through the craft’s windows, and when one ‘green bulb’ on top blinked, this made me think of a Christmas tree. The green bulb was on a simple post, extending maybe a couple of feet above the top of the dome which curved down to the window ledge. From this distance the dome appeared of scorched fabric sturdier than canvas. I had the impression a frame was under the dome’s covering.

When we arrived at Mars in 1950, apparently in the same orbit and position where the NASA pictures would be taken in 1976, I wondered why God was responding to a request, of Jesus’ Face on Mars that I had made much earlier in the prayer. It seemed a couple of hours went by since I had made these requests that I would get to witness. The mountain face was not meant as a monument that lasts, but God’s Word is forever!

As I looked out the big window at The Face of Jesus on Mars, I took note of there being ‘a ledge’ outside the craft’s window, and triangle walls to each side of the window, tapering from just above the window to the extended window ledge.

Barely 10 years old, I waited during the last part of the return home in a state of boredom before before being told of the planet that was in view, and again before entering Earth’s atmosphere. It would be 54 years before I would start remembering the Mars adventure. If a ufo, although this one was apparently stealth-like, was detected on a mid-June afternoon, that was probably us coming in over the Gulf of Mexico as the cut of the land ahead (as we began banking/turning) resembled Florida.

All this would be done out of this world, at the planet Mars! All this, compliments of God Almighty! It will pay US to know God of the universe and work WITH HIM through Jesus, and not the adversary in the next story.
Other scripture of interest:
Ezekiel 1:4,5 (‘UFO’)
Psalm 68:17 (numerous ‘chariots’ compared with numbers of angels)

Is 40:21,22  Hath it not been told from the beginning, He sitteth upon the circle of the earth and the inhabitants are as grasshoppers?

Luke 12:6  Fear not, for you are valuable

Ezek 18:4  All souls are mine
Hag 2:8  The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts
Ec 3:11  No man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end
Is 13:13  In the day of His fierce anger He will shake the heavens and remove the earth from her place
Ezek 12:25  I am the Lord; I will speak and it will come to pass
Ps 64:9  All shall declare the work of God for they shall wisely consider of His doing
I Cor 4:5  Then shall every man have praise of God
Rev 14:7  Fear God, the creator, and give glory to Him


‘aliens’ – GOD – and us (4-3-8) 
The Connection Noticed
The entity, -Satan?

Prov 16:4  The Lord hath made all things for Himself; yea, even the wicked for the day of evil

The 3 ‘beings’ in responsible positions on this interdimensional extraterestial craft fear God. Gabriel told me to wait near the doorway while he had the occupants clear out of the control room so he could bring me in. I closed my eyes, -for now, fearing there was something I shouldn’t see.

By 10 years old, hearing the expression applied to me often and thinking such could be done, I asked for enablement “to scare the old devil out of people”, and here, God would leave Satan shaken too.

On this middle-of-June day of 1950, the beings quickly responded to the authority of The Angel of The Lord, Gabriel, as he commanded them to leave the room. I previously had asked what angels do when they are not (on duty for God) ‘doing Bible things’. There are clues God ordered another ‘classification of angels’ into service here; the ones hell is reserved for.

I heard two *beings immediately leave their desk positions (moving their chairs) at either side of what seemed to be the space ship’s commanding officer, and scamper through smaller hatch doors at their sides of the room as I would see later. For the first moment I kept my eyes closed. God knew me, and exactly the extent I would go for His answers to my questions.

((*2010 addition:  This is NOT a monkey evolution story!  I have remembered why I closed my eyes. After glimpsing ‘two of the gray aliens’ in chairs, I ‘totally thought’ I was seeing the arms and back of the heads of two ‘God-trained gray monkeys’ in aviator sun glasses sitting ‘intelligently at control levers’ of this craft.  They threw their long arms above them in fright, ‘looking just like monkeys’, as I quickly closed my eyes, then I heard them ‘scamper’ off.))

I decided to ‘inconspiculously’ peek through the doorway and saw a tall perfectly human looking being, near Gabriel’s height, that also had stood up with his back to me. Would this be another answer from God, about someone I asked ‘to see what they looked like’? (Another is in Selected Miracle’s page ‘notes’.) I didn’t ask who they were while seeing them, and I wasn’t told ‘these are the answers’.

Scripture of interest:

  • James 2:19 (devils believe and tremble
  • Ezekiel ch 28 (Lucifer/Satan made perfect
  • Jude 6 (angels estate – chained in darkness
  • Zechariah 3:1 (Satan resisting God’s work
  • James 4:7 (devil will flee from you
  • I Peter 5:8 (Devil walks about
  • Luke 4:5-8 (Satan transports Jesus and is condemned
  • II Timothy 2:26 (Devil and captives
  • Revelations 12:7-11 (names for Satan
  • John 14:30 (Satan cometh
  • Revelations 11:7, 13:13, 16:14 (fallen angel, miracles and anti-christ
  • Job ch 1 & 2 (God and Satan converse. Satan continues awhile causing problems.
  • Job 1:7 (Satan and Earth.

God uses ways to let us know, when He wants us to know. Expect God’s angels of good standing can use similar transportation as this. Have we reached another point in this witness testimony; the revealing of Satan? An overhaul Revival is needed in our lives and our policies. Satan is “for real”!

Isiah 14:12-16  (Lucifer accused)
Ez 28:14-19  Satan; Lucifer, is a cherub (and the three beings appeared alike in skin color)

Hearing conflictinng stories for a youth; one being of a red devil with horns, a tail, and a pointed chin, with ‘his imps’, and the other of a being of perfection, I wanted to know, in God’s safety, ‘what Satan really looks like’. Was that Lucifer-/the devil/the serpent/the beast, the Satan of many satans -and in a ‘method’ of ‘everlasting chains under darkness’? Irregardless, God as always was, as I trusted, in ultimate control.

Television documentaries state the clothing of a typical (more often small grey) “”alien”” is form fitting like ‘this commander’s’ clothing, and stronger than metal and is said to be litterally ‘woven around their bodies’. Sound like the reserved fallen angels bound and restricted? -II Peter 2:4

The tall being had been sitting between the other two at what resembled an oversize motorcycle fairing with controls appearing simpler (or different) than an airplanes. From this beings’ back, I saw some of the right side of his face as he faced Gabriel, looking as if to question the precedent of bringing me in there.

The jaw of the being ‘looked quite narrow’ and didn’t move. No words were exchanged that were audible to me, but ‘I did not (then) suspect’ that I was viewing anyone different from us. I thought it odd that the lighting seemed dim above the control panel only at the head and (down) at the hands (seeing little color around this being), so I could not then say the skin color of ‘this commander’, but this would add up to more of a grey tone than what was once related as (a pale?) green (when said to have been observed in earlier 20th century).

Most ‘gray aliens’ are reported to be small, with large dark eyes (as if from an ‘as yet unlit’ pit). Seeing only some of the side of his face, I thought this being was wearing a latest style of expensive aviator sunglasses I had long admired. After what looked to be ‘a stare down’ by the being, Gabriel again commanded him to leave the room and he did, but not gladly.

Inside The UFO (a) control room described (4-3-8)
Shortly before the last command, I leaned over to see what I would see. Gabriel noticed me with chin raised and eyes partly open as he stood quietly next to the gazing being as if biding God’s time. I had fear of being caught at this, but all this was in God’s plan! When the being exited to the left, Gabriel told me to enter and I took only a couple of steps inside the doorway. I knew we were in a craft of some type, not on the solid ground of Earth, and moving.

There was a sense of buoyancy underfoot, and that is a big reason I didn’t move around except when escorted. I thought there might be a weak spot in the floor that I could fall through. With the footing, I didn’t want to chance getting close to any controls (some small levers) I wasn’t familiar with and cause us to ‘drop’ out of control and crash. Gabriel understood my caution and was satisfied that I didn’t move closer to equipment in rooms I was shown.

Behind the ‘fairing’ appeared to be a window and little except darkness in view from it. I saw a thick line (like on a rythm chart) across ‘this window’, and I noticed the steady line slightly change once on the lower right side of the peak. At that time, I thought ‘this window’ was at the other side of the craft and that I was looking out of the ‘night side’ of the craft. I now estimate by the curve of the first room and more here, this was near the center of the craft and that was an electronic monitor (totally unfamiliar then).  This was close behind the room where I had stood looking at God’s new creation of Jesus’ Face on Mars.

Standing just inside the pilot room of this intertstellar and undoubtedly interdimensional space craft in the middle of June 1950, I looked to the sides and saw racks resembling those of a large cafeteria kitchen I had once peered into. There ‘appeared to be trays’ here of various configuration and thickness, inserted on ends ‘like pans drying’ in the racks. I thought it awkward to have kitchen storage directly behind the cockpit, and that made me wonder about their sense of order (like I thought I had).

‘Seeing enough pans to cook for 80 to 100 people’, I wondered how many there could possibly be on what I sensed to be too small of a craft for that many. In the third millennium I guess the ‘racks and pans’ were for the space ship’s electronics and computing.

Inside The UFO (b) power room described (4-3-8)
I was taken down a short curved staircase, roughly 10 feet forward of my location on return to Earth and maybe 18 feet from my first position. This resembled a furnace room, and the few things there were encased, and there was a narrow trough in the floor with very thick wiring or tubes going across between the two box units mentioned later. One tube was red and as large around as a coffee cup.

Before remembering this, I thought exotic power such as harnessed static electricity might rotate inside the ledge of such craft for the gyroscope like moves, or that they might have mastered sound/vibrations for power, but there was no evidence of that on this craft. At the bottom of the stairs and to my left was a desk size box sitting on a ledge that appeared like an earthen ledge under a sheet of plastic or of rubber thrown onto it. A much bigger cabinet was a few feet to my right.

By far the largest enclosure in this room was somewhat round with a bulge or two, and forward of me, probably at and under the center of the craft. It’s form, from what must have been a thick insulation, made me think of a (domed/or igloo like) adobe (mud) hut. If one had gone onto the ledge/crawlspace, they might have seen how far back this unit extended. Gabriel told me the power system was ‘a reactor’. Was this basically a nuclear powered balloon?

Inside The UFO (c) other areas described (4-3-8)
Inside the UFO is partially recalled from a 1964 hypnosis I was not to remember until it’s time. By refering to this round craft’s locations as like on a clock, and with what seemed to be the ‘front’ of the craft at 12 oclock, I can relay what was positioned where. The lower floor power source seemed to begin at the center of the craft and extend away in the 4 o:clock direction.

At the 6 o’clock position, across the back of the craft, was the sleeping area, probably the largest room I was shown. It contained one, maybe 3/4wide size common length or longer bed near the center of the room, and 3 or 4 randomly placed short and narrow single beds resembling inflatable beds. I saw no bunk beds. A small partially enclosed area of curvy-futureistic (S) design at the entrance by the outer wall must have been a bath.

A hatch door behind the head of the big bed was undoubtedly the control room door. The big bed’s covers (yes, covers) were generally unruffeled except pushed back when someone (Lucifer?) arose. Housekeeping and order of this room was ‘like people camping’.

As I had stood looking through the window at the white dove rock landing on The Face, I was facing position 8 or 9 in this reference. The next room forward (at about position 10) had an arm chair and sofa resembling of leather upholstery. The sofa was across the interior side of the aisle/pathway area, and I sat in the chair between the aisle and sofa while returning, facing the position 12/or direction we were moving.

The aisle narrowed away from the interior past this room and the stairs were immediately behind the wall that I faced on return home. A kitchenette (nearing position 11) started here and included something like a stove size ‘modern microwave looking oven’ on a counter that ‘they cook in’. Maybe liquid reacts harshly in ufo movement -and their furniture doesn’t?

There were at least 2 other large appliances with one free-standing at the outer wall across from the stairs, resembling a now common over/under, but more equal refrigerator-freezer. Those of this craft had no worry about using loose furniture, as 4 chairs and a table by a window resembled small ones from an ice cream parlor. From here I did not see around and past the 12 o:clock position (front of the craft).

At what seemed to be the 12 o:clock position, there was a larger (card table size) plain square table and 2 sturdier chairs that all looked to be of wood. This appeared to be a planning or strategy area with what must have been three or four maps rolled up neatly and one ‘ancient and detailed looking one’ was spread on the table. I saw no indication the craft was piloted from this area or from what was probably a small area I didn’t see just around the wall.

At position 1 and 2, as seen from the doorway of position 3, was ‘a garage’ with one ‘intact’ small round ufo that had the appearance of a kiddie-park ride. This was the size of a small automobile between what registered with me as (like a canoe turned on its side) the end part of another one (car) close in front of it (maybe partially under it) and like an end part of another (car) also close in back of it by the outer wall, both appearing to be similar to deflated rubberized canvas.

I suspect those ‘parts’ were two other small craft. Cabinetry against the inner wall ahead of those three small units appeared to be the parts, tool, and repair area and I went no further than this door in that direction but there was a doorway across the garage from where I stood. (I write this near to the order it came into memory)

Coming from the room at position 6, and before the room at position 3, was like walking into a cramped hospital operating room and there was what looked like an oversize metal operating table to the inside of the pathway. The next thing I noticed was a huge round portable lamp, much larger than those scary ones that beamed down over 1940 era dental chairs I wouldn’t have wanted to see ‘the aggitated commander’ and his crew in *this room!  ((2010:  *see ‘alien implant’ note))

Little was said here except to have this 10 year old imagining the beings hunting for and looking at fallen twigs, and gathering plant specimen and, somehow at that, I did imagine ‘small greys’ doing that. Gabriel stood just past a shelf at a big window and I imagined ‘those workers’ examining flowers and “branches” there ((as care-takers)).

I was given no detail I could then understand of what the fallen angels really do, but this would be the examination room we hear about from ‘abductee’s’ and The Angel of The Lord knew I was to one day ‘realize’ and have ((more, and more of)) the story pieced together. I see now, that (on Testimony page, “You will have something to do.” and) in my second death (Visiting Life After Death page) Gabriel knew I had work to do for The Lord oneday.

Abductee’s tell of being drawn up in a light beam ((see “the transforming beam” note)) and I was awake when transferred from the craft that way. Did God raise Jesus’ body from the tomb by this method, causing His impression on the shroud? Does evidence to such as this remain at locations where abductee’s ((*physical body))are taken up ((even through roofs!)) in the powerful light beam? God is unlimited and when He speaks, His angels serve Him.  ((2010: *see ‘implant’ note))

Lucifer/Satan and his band of fallen angels left their first estate and habitation to mingle seed and ruin ‘God created’ mankind of Earth. Not just in the spirit world, Satan as a spiritual ‘being’, operates amongst us in our concerns. As in the book of Job of The Bible, Satan roams, but he is still subservient at God’s call, and with free will, we may choose whom we serve. The Bible gives his modus aparandi, but in the end Satan and his out-of-favor pack of angels are doomed.

Ufo’s or uso’s (unidentified submerged objects / under sea objects) have been seen going ‘to and fro’, or in and out of large bodies of water. So is the entrance to ‘the pit’ and more than that beneath the ocean floor??


(2010)  Usually if not always, I went into the special prayers under a tall living room table in the corner.  On returning from the craft, I was sent down the beam, and apparently ‘transformed’ I came down through the roof.  On ‘landing’ in the middle of the room, my body rolled and my jaw hit the floor.  From ‘somewhere’ behind me Gabriel questioned if I was o.k., and I was.

I’m not the only person in the modern day that has told of experiencing that ‘beam’.  I highly suspect that as the way Jesus was received up and out of the tomb and that ‘light beam’ probably caused Jesus’ impression on His shroud (and I think Jesus’ strong facial features are mistaken for a beard by those trying to duplicate the face on the shroud.  I never saw a beard).

(2010)  ‘Alien abductee’s’ reports are more recently confirmed by a ‘foreign object’ found implanted in their bodies.  A few years ago a tv documentary showed an operation to remove one of those metalic or ceramic like ‘pea-size devices with wires/or nerve endings’, resembling a piece torn from a transistor radio.  It looked the same as the thing that ‘dropped from my arm’, and into the bathtub with a ‘clink’ noise when it hit.  It was a gruesome sight, and I pushed it down the drain.  That was about 1960-61.
  About 2004, and about 2 or 3″ away from the implant spot, two keloid like bubbles developed and I ‘guessed’ they had been caused by ant bites.  2007, one was accidentally scraped off, and I went to the skin doctor and the remaining one tested serious, and the area surgically removed.  I told the doctor what had happened in earlier years, and learned that a foreign object usually works it’s self through the skin after about 10 years.
  With that said; God knew me, and that I would not be doing much praying after ‘those special prayers’, until so much of what was talked about was fulfilled for His Glory.  I was not keeping in touch daily by PRAYER as I was told to do, so, as some think ‘implants’ are to keep track of the individual, even influence them; that is the possibility with my case.
  I had been in the presence of the good and the bad on this craft, and He created us all for His purpose.  Pray to God, the Great I Am, in the name of Jesus, and pray fervently that He be exalted in our nation and the world, and not be driven out with new ‘education’.

Scripture of interest:

  • Luke 4:5-8 (devil tried to recruit Jesus ‘on a mountain’; good angels there for Jesus.
  • John 14:30 (Jesus leaving awhile; prince of this world cometh
  • I Peter 5:8 (Devil walks about
  • I John 3:8 (Jesus’ purpose – sent to destroy the works of the devil
  • Colossians 2:14,15 (Jesus defeated the devil at the cross
  • Ephesians 6:12 (Wickedness/powers/principalities
  • Revelations ch 20 (Satan in the end time
  • II Peter 2:4,5 (bad angels to hell/chains/darkness
  • Psalm 104:3 (water and angel chariots

Hoagland comparison & other notes
Seeing The Mars Face pictured on tabloids many times last century, and a million dollar reward for information didn’t bring it’s Creation back to memory; just deep curiosity. Although I was intrigued with Richard Hoagland’s mathematical comparison of the Face on Mars with The Face on The Shroud of Turin, I was not remembering what I had seen. Gods’ time is not our time.
On the ‘Visiting Life After Death’ page is a comment of jest that the UFO flap between the 2 schools in 1973 might be “to fix the seperated halo/tunnel” that I had entered there in 1971 before being ‘called back’. With experiences of this Creation day recalled, I now ((more and more)) see that as a real possibility.

I do not know the distance between Mars and Earth on the day in mid-June 1950, but from what I have written, astro-physics or another branch of science might tell us if this craft exceeded one million mph. -that’s the way to travel.

This witness’ testimony would not have been without faith in Jesus and the ‘expressed belief’ in God’s power during prayer that He could do these miraculous things. Ask and receive. God rules, and guides at His will, and He wants you by your will. With the free will you have been given, choose the one you will serve.

‘Picture of someone/thing on Mars’?
In 2008 a photograph circulated on the internet that was said to have been made by the NASA Mars elxplorer Spirit and shows what looks like ‘a Martain female’ when the picture is enhanced. In the enhanced version, the figure resembling ‘this world’s elusive Bigfoot’, is with arm raised and head turned looking at the camera.

Is God of The Bible again showing His powerful side in answering one of my prayer requests? God has already shown His power! My guess is it could have been Satan who would enjoy doing this on his own; he who can duplicate miracles of God, or is there really a faulty picture?

If the picture is of a ‘manifested entity’ there, where a physical animal cannot breathe, ‘consider’ it being a brief, and purposed, angelic configuration. God has put ‘meaningful glitches’ in two of my photographs; in 1950 and 1973. There is a story of interest to Bigfoot hunters with bloodhounds, if this is spirit manifested. The story is the “Angel and the Hound” in my second death experience on the Visiting Life After Death page.

Having heard of an ‘exciting mystery monster sighting’ in the western United States before I was 10 years old, I asked God for (to hear about) more of the sightings ‘in far off places’, as I wrote on this page in 2004. I’ve been perfectly satisfied that sightings of those creatures were far enough away. Remember that Satan can duplicate God’s miracles; and for his reasons he would enjoy multiplying these manifestations.

I still contend the ‘Spiritually made crop circles’ are those “frequent love letters from God” that I was promised as a present day reminder of His love for us. There have been human counterfeiters, unknowing of the circles’ significance to mankind, merrily working for the adversary. Nothing is too big for God! Value and study His directive to humanity, The Holy Bible.


Luke 12:4,5  Do not be afraid of them that kill the body, but fear God which hath the ultimate power to cast away
Revival time
When holyghoststories, the testimony page, started on the web in January 2001 I wasn’t remembering God’s answers extended so far. When He is ready, The Spirit returns the memories. Believing Matthew 7:7-11, I asked for Father to ‘let me know something about flying saucers’ and, ‘looking back as I have’, I recognize His answers have overflowed.

For centuries, we have tried to push aside ‘the working’ of God our maker. He gave us the rule book; let’s play fair with Him, recognizing and HONORING Him and His wishes, and He will play fair with us ‘when it matters most’ (-including the said to be incoming astroid or comet hit-or-miss sometime in the future from 2008)! Its time for revival in our policies and procedures before-it’s-too-late, and don’t leave Jesus’ name out of it!.

Satan’s anti-christ comes first and will show miracles and claim to be Jesus. Don’t be enraptured and taken out by the false-christ! The real Jesus is described, and when He comes all will see Him. Jesus is the door and the way, by God’s plan above a cascade of mans methods in hope. For those that will ‘believe before’ their day of entering The Lord’s presence, reward awaits. Examples to reward: Matthew 10:41,42 and Hebrews 11:6

The Shroud has Jesus’ image (4-3-8)
Neither in His presence in the early miracles, nor ever until now, have I given thought of Jesus as being albino (a lack of melanin pigment in the eyes, skin, and hair); but He isn’t merely man. Jesus’ skin color, I now know as typical of Jews of the area, was to my thinking in 1950, only as of mixed race. One photographic test indicated Jesus, or ‘the person on The Shroud’, would have been albino. There is good reason in that result.

Jesus’ mother, the woman I asked ‘to see’ and surely the only woman I witnessed near Jesus, was of darkest color from which Jesus gained some color. The Holy Ghost, God the Father of The Son, is of the supernatural and that could be the excellent reason for results with the ‘The Shroud negative’ showing that He was (and is) albino.

Luke 1:26-42 (Jesus born of the virgin Mary)
When I saw Jesus, primarily in June, 1950, and once before, I witnessed Him with pure white hair and the eyes, one at a time, squinting (typical in albinsm), and they were white (meaning no usual color in the iris) with contrasting ‘black’ of the pupils (black, instead of pink, possibly being unique in albinsm). Revelation 2:18 gives the description of “-The Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire -”

A documentary (of year unknown) said another recent test showed there were ‘nail holes at the wrist’. The one hand of Jesus that I noticed (see ‘The Nail Holes In Jesus’ Hand’ on Selected Miracles page) had one hole through the wrist that was twice as large as the, probably three, holes through the palm of His hand.

John 20:20 (holes in Jesus’ side and hands)
As for, “the beard makes the Shroud subject look like an old man”; anyone going through a crusifiction should be expected to look ‘aged’. As for the mustache and beard that ‘seems’ to be on the Shroud of Jesus, eventual tests, along with the previous NASA aided digital results, should show that to be blood stains ((or swelling)) where the facial hair was pulled out of His face. The stains seem to make a true picture of what Jesus would look like with a mustache and beard and I don’t suspect that result to be from swelling before death, because those original digital results are accurate.  ((I suspect His ‘fuller’ face is mistaken for beard and mustache.))

I don’t recall if, on The Shroud, ‘the beard’ (actually, blood stains on His face or swelling where the hair had been?) showed up on the negative differently than the white hair on His head. If Jesus is albino, wouldn’t ‘all’ the hair be white? God could restore the facial hair even before His ascention from the tomb, but He appeared for me as (healed, but) ‘with facial hair pulled out’ and He made a point for me to see that image of Him (see Testimony page). I expect science will find a difference in those areas on The Shroud.

What was this? In the 1970’s I often visited just north of Orlando Florida and at times there would be strangely moving lights in the silent late evening sky.

In the 1960’s I fished all night from a bridge in Tennessee with friends. Some of us were in lounge chairs looking at the stars. For 2 hours we watched as hundreds of lights, appearing like other stars, seemed to lazily ‘zig-zag’ on a path between the stars as if being precisely propelled by some alternating form of magnetism or pulls of gravity. Each were brightest to us as they still made more than a dozen copied moves through a seemingly closest small area of the sky before they began to dim. The string of lights continued the same way as we stopped watching.

Questions & Comments

This space seems a good place for this. In the vision of the street before Jesus exited the house (on Selected Miracles page) there was only the woman next door. Seeing no one else makes me wonder if people of the physical world were just not visible to that particular (sharing? prepared?)dimension of Paradise.

I would, with representation, volunteer to NASA for a lie-detector test, or to do such test in programs for any church or religion, done locally, or elsewhere with expenses paid. Where you encounter difficulty in soul winning, show them to this site. If you have comments on anything here, I’m available by e-mail. Thank you for visiting. –Major Marvels

Gen 1:9-12  God spoke, and the earth produced
Gen 2:7  The Lord God formed man of the dust of the earth, breathing into him the breath of life, and he became a living soul
Gen 1:27  God made man in His own image; male and female created He them
Is 44:24  He formed thee in the womb and maketh all things
Prov 20:12  The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made even both of them
Job 12:10  In His hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all mankind
Is 55:8,9  For as the heavens higher than earth, my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways saith the Lord
Is 48:6,7  I have showed you new things that are created now, and not from the beginning (and God interacted with modern man by the ‘temporary’ creation of Jesus’ face on Mars, mid-June 1950)